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Welcome to Orgrimmar! Have you come to serve the Horde? November 6, 2010

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The infamous “first post”. The one you look back on a year later and think “Dear God, what was I thinking? Why did I say that? And look at my hair…it’s hideous!” So let’s get it over with, shall we? I suppose I’ll go with a typical “Who am I and why am I here?” format.

So hi.

I’m Stormy. Or Sterrin. Or Tormenta. Or Furtuna. Or the other Furtuna. Or Oliviero. Or Darknstormy. Or Pankki. They are (in order): survival hunter, balance/resto druid, Horde shadow/holy priest, demonology warlock, Alliance shadow/holy priest, baby aspiring-holy-pally-who’s-currently-prot, forgotten baby rogue, useless unholy death knight, and frost-mage-cum-bank-alt. In other words, I’m an altoholic. I’m also an altoholic with an opinion about everything, and really, what good is an opinion if you’re going to keep it to yourself?

You can read the gory details here, but the long and short of it is that I’ve been playing WoW since August 2009. I currently have three 80s (hunter, druid and priest) and by the time Cataclysm comes out I’ll have a fourth, my warlock. I’m an officer in a medium-sized casual raiding guild (<Sane Asylum>, US-Garrosh-H).

Fair warning: I don’t do theorycrafting. I rely on guildies and other bloggers for that (basically everything I know about my druid I cribbed from Qieth at Qieth’s Quips and Keeva at Tree Bark Jacket). I curse…a lot. I have a tendency to write when I’m angry, so expect lots of QQ and complaining about asshattery. But in the last three months I’ve been forced to branch out of my original WoW home, where everyone knew everything and I had access to mountains of information, and help run my own guild. In doing so I’ve discovered this amazing…thing: the WoW bloggers’ community, and I can’t get enough of it. I sat back and read the greats (Keeva, Qieth, Rhii, Frostheim, Larisa from Pink Pigtail Inn, and on and on), and now I want to be a part of it.

So here I am. Grab some cookies and let’s do this.



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