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February 12–Day 539 of my Captivity February 12, 2011

Posted by Stormy in General Whinging, Moar Ranting, Sweating Bullet Points.

Yeah…let the “regular” Cataclysm blogging begin. I promised myself I’d actually write here once in a while during Cataclysm, and I intend to make that happen…somehow.

Farewell, little druid. Toward the tail end of Wrath my boomkin became my main. I have the Kingslayer title on Sterrin, and I started stacking a bunch of old achievements on him with the intention of making him my main forever and for always. But honestly…the state of moonkin play in Cataclysm stinks. I play my shadow priest for a few hours and I feel like a nimble little glass cannon, able to turn on a dime, levitate across The Bad and kill things with smoky purple death rays, then I log over to my druid and I suddenly feel like a big, lumbering chicken who ate too much, and things just feel sooooo slowwwwww. So I’ve been playing my priest exclusively. She’s raid-geared now, thanks to tailoring and a whole bunch of heroics, and I’m having so much fun with her.

–Hello, other shadow priest. A few weeks ago boredom got the best of me…or curiosity, I guess. On my intro/bio page I reference the fact that I started playing WoW because of an old friend of mine. He’s still playing, and he’s a senior member of a hardcore raiding guild on another (RP/PVP!) server…but they’re dirty dirty Alliance heathens. I wanted to see the worgen starting area and the worgen story line, so I rolled a baby worgen shadow priest on his server. Their guild used to have a Hardcore Raiders Only sign on the clubhouse door, but with all the new guild perks and leveling perks they’ve opened things up to alts, and he actually /ginvited me. My baby shadow priest isn’t so baby anymore. God I’m sick of Zangarmarsh. 🙂

–Speaking of guilds. Being a lowly member of WoW Friend’s guild has been an eye-opening–and frankly scary–experience. First of all, no one knows me. Second of all, I’m not in charge. I have nothing in common with these people other than the fact that we all play WoW, and let’s face it: I’m not a typical WoW player by any stretch of the imagination. I speak in complete sentences, don’t objectify women, and make every attempt to treat other players with respect. This other guild…not so much. I was logged on during the Super Bowl this weekend and I actually have a few people on ignore because of the language and asshattery I heard. I was actually surprised at the stuff I heard on Sunday, because it’s fairly rare for the people in this guild to talk at all. I remember when my friends Rush’n’Suz (they’re a matched pair) moved over to our old guild on Garrosh, and their first comment was about how talkative the guild is. That’s the kind of environment I’m used to. This silence thing…not working for me.

Patch 4.0.6. As for Patch 4.0.6, let’s just say it was nice while it lasted. It was fun to log in and do a quick (!) heroic and see those 13/14K numbers up there. As for the massive nerf we took to our Shadow Power, fuck you very much, Blizzard.



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