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Poking Through the Stacks March 29, 2011

Posted by Stormy in General Whinging, Meta, Personal.

No one cares what I think, right? I’m just a lowly blogger, and I’m a new one at that. My blog gets all of ten hits per day (though I’m working on that–I’m nothing if not stubborn and persistent), so I am the proverbial drop in a very, very large bucket. And yet, the very existence of my blog is an indicator of a bit of egocentrism on my part, a declaration that I have something to say and that I feel you should listen to it.

So…here goes: I’ve only been around this WoW blogger block for a couple months now, but I love what I’ve found here. Every time I spend more than ten minutes watching /trade scroll by and I’m ready to resign myself to the fact that I’m an aberration, a thinking adult who plays WoW, every time I see page after page of “anal” jokes or Thunderfury spam, every time I meet Arthasdklol and his brethren in the Dungeon Finder, I look back at my blogroll and remember that somewhere out there it’s possible to find intelligent, well-behaved adults who play this game and love it. I see the commitment and the thoughtfulness in people like Kurnmogh, Qieth, Frostheim, Alas and Rhii and I tell myself: these are your people. These are the people that, given the opportunity, you’d sit around the fire with and have a stimulating and fascinating chat about your travels through Azeroth.

One of those fires went out yesterday. You all know what I’m talking about…or, who I’m talking about. We’d all seen it coming for a while. Larisa’s posts had become less and less enthusiastic, and more…I guess the only word for it is despondent. No one was really surprised this morning when she put the fire out, turned off the beer taps and shut down the Pink Pigtail Inn. I can’t say I blame her. Three years is a long time to spend in Azeroth, and a long time to spend blogging. Still, she leaves a void that isn’t going to be easy to fill. As others in the comments noted, the Pink Pigtail Inn was more than just another node in the blogosphere–it was a hub for others to come and sit a spell, poke through the stacks of other WoW blogs, and form a community. In addition to reading Larisa’s posts, I essentially used her site’s blogroll as my own blogroll. Through her site, I found several other WoW bloggers that I can’t live without.

In that vein, the rest of this post is a response to Vidyala’s request at Manalicious. The following are the blogs I consider cornerstones of the WoW blogosphere, the must-reads. I thank them all for their contributions to the WoW blogging community and to the greater WoW community, and I look up to them as mentors in not just how to blog about WoW, but how to be a good citizen of Azeroth.

  • Warcraft Hunters Union: Speaking of community, the WoW hunter community is the best example I can find of a true, living, breathing community within WoW. As I’ve discussed previously, hunters are the most-maligned, most-universally-reviled class in the game, but no one has worked harder to foster an environment where hunters can work together and be their best than the head honcho of WHU, Frostheim. He had a hunters’ cloak named for him recently, and it’s richly deserved.
  • Disciplinary Action: On the blogging front, I’ve got to hand it to DiscoPriest of Disciplinary Action for working to bring bloggers together and get us all communicating and doing fun things together. She put together the Twitter meetup we had a while back (which resulted in a guild of about fifty level 60 death knights, which is just too much fun for words). Plus, Orc Detective is pretty freaking amazing.
  • Tree Bark Jacket: The award for Smartest Blogger goes to Keeva at TBJ. If you need to know something about resto druids, Keeva’s the one to ask. She’s a perfect example of a blogger who comes to the blogosphere to share her wealth of knowledge, and I stand in awe of her resto druid guides.
  • Need More Rage: The award for Funniest Blog goes to Need More Rage. I love Ratshag’s writing style, and wish I had thought to take a more RP-ish slant with my writing from the beginning. Plus, he’s just damn funny.
  • Kiss My Alas: Then there’s Alas. I don’t want to come across like a fanboy, but…I am. I immediately looked at Alas as one of the heavyweights of the blogging world, one of the greats to be admired from afar…but she’s not like that. She added my blog to her blogroll immediately, and she’s as friendly and approachable as they come.

Read them, know them, love them. They’re the people keeping me from logging off in disgust after five minutes of Arthasdklol.



1. Alas - March 29, 2011

Great post overall! It is nice to be plugged into a part of the player base who can speak in whole and correct sentences and who can think more deeply than most of what one sees in trade chat (I say as if I have been in trade chat any time at all in the last several years. Ugh, gives me hives!).

I’m touched you think so highly of me and I thank you for the compliments payed. Really, though, I’m just this lame, little blogger who likes to clown around. 😉

2. Fuzzy_Magicz - March 29, 2011

It’s a worrying trend that the PPN is continuing – two other blogs I consider staples of the community – WoW Philosophised and Righteous Orbs – also shut down recently. Here’s hoping that us new kids can rise up and help fill the gaps.

Stormy - March 29, 2011

I think the problem is deeper than that, actually. I think there are a lot of old-time WoW players that are just simply not playing anymore. If the hardcore people who love this game enough to blog about it are hanging up their tier sets and their keyboards, what does that say for the larger WoW community and the game itself?

Ratshag - April 1, 2011

Mostly all it say be what 3-6 years is a dang long time fer ta play one video game with that much commitment. Folks has kids, change jobs, marry, divorce, contract diseases, or just plain find theyselves ready fer sumthin’ else. Given enough time, will happen ta everybody.

3. Jasyla - March 29, 2011

Hi Stormy, I just discovered your blog, it’s always nice to find more intelligent adults who like to talk about the game.

PPI will definitely be missed but, as Vidyala mentioned, there are always new bloggers opening up and there are still a lot of ‘veteran’ bloggers around too (like the ones you mention above).

I look forward to reading more from you here 🙂

4. Soph/Elsen - March 30, 2011

Hey there,
discovered your blog from one of the marvellous inter linking posts that’s been round recently – just want to say absolutely loving it. Really really good posts – keep it up!

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