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Inside My Warped Little Mind March 31, 2011

Posted by Stormy in General Whinging, Meta, Sweating Bullet Points.

So…yesterday was an eventful day here inside the Asylum. Somehow somebody big and important and famous got ‘hold of the whereabouts of this here bloggything and went and told a bunch of people about it, and suddenly there was a line of people out the door looking in the windows and reading my writings on the walls.

In other words, I got some link love from Rebecca at MMO Melting Pot and traffic went through the roof. Well, it wasn’t exactly link love…’twas an actual blogpost devoted completely and totally to little ol’ me. I check my blog’s dashboard periodically (mostly for new comments) and in the space of an hour I had almost 50 new hits, and I’ve had twice as many visitors today as I’ve had in the past two weeks total. This is my “omg people are actually reading?!” face. Thank you so much to Rebecca for featuring my tiny little corner of the blogosphere, and thanks to all of you who dropped in and read through my scribblings. I’m unbelievably flattered.

Anyway, I don’t have anything stashed away for an actual post, so today you get a few random brain droppings.

  • WTB account-wide ignore button. If I ignore a trade troll on one toon, they should disappear on all my toons.
  • Fun fact: if you turn in A Staggering Effort and have time left on the Stag Eye buff when you log off, and if A Staggering Effort just happens to be the fishing daily the next day, you don’t have to go kill a new stag. WIN.
  • Mining is relaxing. Herbing is aggravating. Probably because I get all my ore from Uldum, and I love Uldum, so flying around there is relaxing to me. Herbing requires going to all the different Cataclysm zones, and I hate Deepholm and Vash’jir like whoa.
  • Seriously, what is the point of putting an ore node six inches from a pack of 85 elites who are going to flatten me? Blizzard, you’re a tease.
  • On my lunch yesterday I read this. It is, hands down, the funniest thing I’ve ever read. Now I see why you guys loved Tamarind and Chas so much, and why you miss them.
  • I’m finally past the Blackrock Depths levels. And I love tanking Sucky, er, Sunken Temple. I love trying out all the Serious Tanking tactics like turning the dragons away from the raid to avoid the Bad. I love trying to make sure Morphaz and Hazzas die at the same time. I love trying little Paladin Tricks to get out of the stun/sleep on Eranikus. It’s just a fun little dungeon (now that they took out the confusing and overly complicated top side).

Tomorrow’s agenda: more ore farming, herb farming for my baby pally scribe, and then it’s Level 60 or bust. And more writing. Always more writing.



1. Imraith Dos Santos - March 31, 2011

Friendsshare Resurrection = account wide friends (and ignore!) list, found at curse.com.

2. Rebecca - March 31, 2011

Ach, you’re quite welcome – thank you for the entertaining read! Thank red cow for linking you in her new blog roundup yesterday as that’s where I found =)

I love Sunken Temple too. Admittedly, mostly because if you do it enough you actually get to know your way round the place, and there’s something satisfying when someone asys “no-one knows this place” saying “actually I do, up these stairs…”

I agree on the herbing, though herbing as a druid = win. My gatherer druid is still levle 80 and having fun snatching herbs away next to level 85 mobs then flying off and looking over her wing going “ner ner ner nie ner”

3. Fuzzy_Magicz - March 31, 2011

Grats on the new readers 🙂

4. Hugh Hancock - March 31, 2011

Re nodes 6 feet from elites – did you ever play during TBC? If so, you may remember the Nightmare Vine spawn that was JUST inside Doom Lord Kazzak’s (outdoor raid boss) aggro radius…

Not for nothing was that known as the “suicide flower”

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