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Open for Business April 7, 2011

Posted by Stormy in Guild Stuff.

(Yes, I know I said I was making this announcement Friday, but yesterday life took a turn for the weirdly awesome, and frankly I can’t wait anymore. And as long as I’m here, *THANK YOU* to Anne Stickney of WoW Insider for noticing our little corner of the world. I may have had a small coronary event when I checked my WordPress dashboard yesterday, but it was worth it!)

So. Out with it, eh? Sane Asylum is now open for business. Those of you who have been following The Asylum Wall from the beginning (both of you) know that I was in an ill-fated casual guild until recently, and that after the guild broke up I did some soul-searching to figure out what I want in a guild and what I think makes a guild successful. The solution, it seems, was under my nose the whole time. Yesterday I filed a ticket with Blizzard and they gave me the Guild Master position, and today marks the official rebirth of Sane Asylum. My partners in crime, Rush and Suz, have graciously agreed to help run things, and we’re now officially OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

Why am I telling you this? Sane Asylum is recruiting. But we’re not recruiting just anyone. We’re looking for a higher class of people to play with. We’re looking for people who share our values:

  • Everyone is welcome. Raiders, casuals, altoholics, PvPers, crafters, auction house junkies…come one, come all.
  • While you’re in the Asylum, you will be treated with respect. Behind every WoW character there’s a real human being, and we will ensure that you’re treated with respect at all times. We don’t tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. Sane Asylum is a safe haven, and is LGBT friendly.
  • From each according to his ability, to each according to his need. We love people who are willing to use their various professions and their vast knowledge of WoW to contribute to the success of the guild.

If any of the following describes you, then you’re the kind of person we’d love to play WoW with:

  • Trade chat makes me crazy.
  • I grow weary of racist/sexist/homophobic remarks in-game.
  • I like playing WoW with people who know their class, and yet also enjoy playing with people who may know the answers to any questions I have.
  • I speak in complete sentences and I’m smarter than a fifth grader.
  • I enjoy one or more of the following: Aaron Sorkin, Broadway, blogging about WoW, politics, snarky jokes, Monty Python, Kevin Smith and/or Christopher Guest movies, playing WoW with fun people.
  • I’m looking for a guild home where I’m noticed, appreciated, treated equally, and where I spend just as much time laughing at /guild as I do playing the game.

The particulars:

  • Sane Asylum is currently Guild Level 17.
  • Horde side, Garrosh-US.
  • All classes and all levels welcome.
  • I can’t promise any raids right now. We’re working on it.
  • Sign up for a GuildLaunch account if you don’t have one already, then head to http://www.saneasylum-garrosh.com.

So…there you have it. My big announcement. I’m excited! Let’s do this!



1. Fuzzy_Magicz - April 7, 2011

Nice! I’m glad you’ve solved your guild woes and I hope this turns out the way you’ve outlined it – it looks like a great idea and I’d love to be in a guild like this. Good luck.

2. Nairu - April 7, 2011

Hey, congrats for appearing on WoW Insider, I was cheering for you when I saw it. 🙂 And this sounds like an awesome guild, if you weren’t in the US I might just give it a try! Anyways, best of luck with this!

3. red cow - April 8, 2011

Congrats! I’m really impressed by your guild goals. Kudos to you for being an open and accepting place where all types of gamers can be comfortable 🙂

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