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Wherein I Pontificate April 8, 2011

Posted by Stormy in General Whinging, Moar Ranting, Sweating Bullet Points.

I’ve been told there are people out there who appreciate my bad attitude and my snarky tone (I’m lookin’ at you, redcow), and I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough puppies and rainbows for one week. It’s Friday afternoon, I’m desperately in need of an alcoholic beverage, and I’m in a tell-it-like-it-is kind of mood. So here’s how it is:

  • Gallons of pixelated ink have been spilled on the great Tank And Healer Bribe of 2011, and I’m loathe to spill anymore. Pfft. Blizzard’s latest attempt to bribe the playerbase into doing something they don’t necessarily want to do is…shall we say, misguided. Beyond the obvious danger of encouraging the DPS warriors and unholy DK’s among us to “tank” and creating unnecessary strain on healers–whose job is already beyond insane–it does little to address the issues that are actually creating the long queue times. It gets more tanks in the queue, but it doesn’t address the ongoing disaster that is the Random Dungeon Finder in Cataclysm. It can’t stop the hunter from rolling on every drop under the sun. It can’t stop the DPS DK from throwing a D&D every time it’s off cooldown and ripping aggro away from the tank*. It can’t stop the lolkids from acting like general asshats in random groups. In other words, it makes my shadow priest’s daily queue for a heroic misery run just a wee bit shorter without actually addressing the misery. Woo-fuckin’-hoo. (*Yes, I am leveling a tank through the early BC levels and dealing with Arthasdklol in every random group. Is it that obvious?)
  • Queues will get shorter. They will get shorter when we’re all rockin’ T13 epic gear from badges and facerolling randoms like we did in late Wrath. They’ll get shorter when we have a wider variety of randoms that aren’t Stonecore and Halls of Origination (which has, IIRC, something like 11 bosses.) They will get shorter when my druid’s mana pool is once again infinite and I can save stupid people from their own stupid, and I’m more inclined to queue as a healer on my druid. Until then, if you’re the tank in my random group and you get Baron Rivendare’s mount just for showing up, I’m going to nerdrage like I’ve never nerdraged before.
  • In other news, I did all this work setting up a new guild website and bragging to you all about my awesome guild, and then yesterday I realized something: I really have no idea how to recruit for a guild. Beyond putting up a post at my blog and possibly sending an email to WoW Insider’s Classifieds, I don’t know how to look under rocks to find all those lost-and-adrift people with brains who belong in Sane Asylum. Feh.
  • And speaking of guilds, I was going to save this for an actual post someday, but it’s become the thorn in my side this week. The guild reputation system is, in a word, borkdeded. I can understand that the idea is to build guild rep slowly so that people actually make a commitment to their guild and don’t bop from guild to guild like a crack-addled spider monkey, but my paladin is currently level 64 and has been in Sane Asylum since the day she was born, and she’s currently neutral with Sane Asylum. In other words, she’s not eligible for many of the awesome perks that would encourage her to be in a guild in the first place (better profession skill-ups, for one thing). Completing a quest nets her something like ten guild rep points. This, my friends, is broken. If I level a toon from 1-85 all in the same guild, I should be revered (if not exalted) with my guild, yes?

Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a flask of Cenarion spirits with my name on it, and I have a hot date with Viera Sunwhisper of Falcon Watch.



1. Zinn - April 8, 2011

Regarding the recruiting business, I don’t know much about how to do that either, but something that has worked really well for my guild is posting something on the server forums. Might work for you as well.

2. Fuzzy_Magicz - April 9, 2011

Snarky Editorial Edition! 🙂
Anyway, on the subject of the Tank Bribe – there are, as you have outlined, things very wrong with the RFD system already that are not being, and in my opinion, CANNOT BE, fixed. Blizzard have dug themselves a big hole by introducing an RFD system to a game which, fundamentally, cannot support it efficiently: much, MUCH fewer tanking/healing classes/specs than DPS ones, an inability to effectively implant some kind of skill-gating system on the RFD, and numerous other problems.

It is, in my opinion, unfixable – yet unforeseeable (spelling? D:). In any case, if Blizzard thinks this will go some way to fixing a problem, I – ever the optimist – am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and back them on it.
Also, on the subject of guild recruiting: Officer’s Quarters on WoW Insider had some great recruiting tips – mainly for a raiding guild, but there’s some generally applicable stuff too.

Fuzzy_Magicz - April 9, 2011

*RDF, not RFD. A Random Finder Dungeon could be cool, though. Somehow.

3. red cow - April 11, 2011

*snarky grin* Yesss I feed on your cynicism…

I found my guilds though the realm forums and by word of mouth of friends and members of said guilds. Good luck recruiting, because it sounds like a great place to be 🙂

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