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The Daily Grind, Revisited April 11, 2011

Posted by Ben in General Whinging, Leveling.

Last week, Stormy opined on why he’s not a fan of daily quests. I commented briefly explaining my love/hate relationship with them (summarizing: casual-friendly rep grind but needs more variation).

I’m a casual WoW player. Over the six years I’ve played the game, I’ve had times where I’ve played a couple hours a week, to several hours a day, to even spending entire weekends only leaving my computer for food and sleep. It just depends on what else is going on in my life. I’m a huge fan of leveling, which fits in nicely with the ever-changing amount of time I’m able to spend in-game. But when I reach that level cap, what then?

Before dailies were born, my choices were dungeons, raids or rep grinding. In the pre-dungeon finder world, you could often spend twice as long trying to assemble the group as it took to complete the dungeon, and with my schedule raiding was out of the question. Endlessly slaughtering teddy bears didn’t hold my attention very long either.

Then came the Isle of Quel’Danas. Dailies had been introduced a few patches earlier, but I’d never been able to get into them (some required long chains to gain access to, and included group quests), but the Shattered Sun Offensive was willing to take my makeshift geared character and put me to work. I gleefully dove into quests (my favorite part of leveling) and would make the circuit of the island as often as I could, trying to see how efficiently I could complete them. The Argent Tournament brought the same excitement. I managed to achieve “Crusader” on two different characters (although one lost it in a faction change). And now we have Tol Barad with it’s rotating dailies that present a real challenge. (They do for me at least, in my “just barely eligible for Heroic dungeons” gear)

But I can’t bring myself to do them every day. For one, it takes away time for the massive army of alts that I’m slowly collecting. For another, it leads to burnout. I don’t need more chores.

So what if daily questing hubs were more dynamic? A few ideas:

  • Incorporate grinding with questing. Maybe a few collection quests can be repeatable at half the xp of the original quest.
  • Even more variety in the quests per subzone.
  • A faction dynamic that allows for a tug-of-war for territory

There are dozens of zones that we’ve quested through. Two or three of them a day have special lvl 85 quests in a special phased portion of the zone.

  • Continued cleanup of remaining scourge in Western Plaguelands
  • Fight back the spread of the Overgrowth in the Southern Barrens
  • Fight off the Bloodsail Pirates in Booty Bay
  • Thin the recruits of the Twilight’s Hammer in Mount Hyjal

What do you think? What kind of end-game ideas do you have for the casual gamer?



1. Fuzzy_Magicz - April 11, 2011


Stormy - April 11, 2011

You call me a casual because I loathe dailies? Next you’re going to tell me you expect me to wear pants while I play WoW.

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