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Where have you been? April 20, 2011

Posted by Ben in Leveling, Zones.

Yet another of my alts has pushed through the slog of Outland and into the frozen North. The little goblin resto shaman leveled solely through dungeons (earning the Outland Dungeonmaster achievement along the way) and residual experience from Herbalism. But riding on a zeppelin into the tundra, I realized something…

I wish my characters had a better way of displaying mementos of their existence. Something to distinguish between the Undead hunter who quested through Lordaeron and the Goblin Mage that grew up on Kalimdor.

Yesterday, Stormy talked about titles. My favorite part of them is that it’s something that persists with your character after the gear you collected has been sold off to a vendor or stashed into the recesses of the bank vault. What if there were more purely cosmetic features that your character collected in their travels?

  • What if exposure to the regrowth in Desolace or the Southern Barrens caused your character to grow just a little taller?
  • What if playing through Silverpine and Hillsbrad exposed you to just enough of the plague to cause you to leave footprints with a faint glow?

What if there were more titles to be earned as you leveled up? The titles that require endgame activity would remain just as prestigous, but we could show off badges of honor from our exploits.

  • “Name”, Defender of Andorhal (completing Horde story in WPL)
  • “Name”, Servant of the Kingdom (completing Westfall/Redridge/Duskwood)
  • “Name”, Agent of Sylvanas (completing Silverpine/Hillsbrad)
  • “Name” of Three Hammers (completing Loch Modan/Wetlands)

What about you? What would you like to differentiate your characters from everyone hanging around the SW or Org at max level?

This picture has nothing to do with my post, but it was pretty and I wanted to share.



1. Fuzzy_Magicz - April 20, 2011

These features might be quite nice and all, but I think you’re part of a minority who cares about this stuff. Most people don’t, which isn’t really a good thing, but it is a true thing.

2. Stormy - April 20, 2011

I have to disagree with Fuzzy. I love ideas like this. I think we’ve actually gotten to the point that if we have to analyze what finally killed/will kill WoW, it’s the mentality that the *only* thing that matters is the raiding endgame, that the purpose of WoW is simply to blow through levels 1-84, get some decent gear and go beat the newest raid encounter.

I’ve always said I’ll never be a role-player, but I appreciate the variation in my characters, their racial characteristics, their class mechanics, their varied experiences, etc. Although I haven’t gone so far as to invent backstories for my characters, I recognize that Tormenta is a different entity from Sterrin, and I wish I had more to show for that. Achievements are nice, but I do also have a small collection of mementos to remember each of my toon’s unique experiences, and I wish there were more things like this in the game. I wish there were more ways to establish that Tormenta is a blood elf from Quel’thalas, that Grimsey studied the ways of the Light under the best trainers the Horde has to offer, that Sterrin is a soldier in Vol’jin’s army and that all of them have seen different things and had different experiences. I don’t want to be Just Another Kingslayer. I want an identity.

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4. kamaliaetalia - April 21, 2011

I love those ideas for titles associated with completing lower level storylines! I try to level my characters through zones/storylines that I feel are consistent with their class or personality, and it would be fun to have some way to show that.

5. Vrykerion - April 24, 2011

I dig the idea of titles for quest accomplishments! And I very much agree with Stormy’s point about the end all be all focus on endgame being detrimental. Actually this idea could go even a bit further if/when WoW finally gets around to having an appearance menu (let’s be honest, if RIFT adds one, you know Blizz will knock that one up on the priority list), it would open a ton of cosmetic options for this too! Complete the quests in Booty Bay? Get a Blackwater Raiders hat! Assist the gnomes by defeating Thermaplugg? Get a Gnomeregan Gear Shield!

The same idea could apply to player housing (though that’s a waaay bigger longshot than an appearance tab), where you receive trophies and whatnot for your house for accomplishments.

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