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Wherein I am humbled April 25, 2011

Posted by Stormy in General Whinging, Moar Ranting, Sweating Bullet Points, Tank Girl.

So what’d you do this weekend? I tanked. A lot. I did some questing in Hyjal too, but I tanked. A lot.

  • Tanking Northrend instances was just as much fun as I thought it would be. The other day we got the guild (the three of us) together and chained some Northrend randoms, and as we’re standing around in Dalaran afterward Suz remarked that it was weird and awesome being back in Dalaran, back home. He’s right. I’m a Wrath baby, so Dalaran will always feel like home to me. Orgrimmar is my ancestral home, Shattrath will always feel like another planet (heh), the Alliance cities will always feel like another universe…but Dalaran is home. I even went into the Filthy Animal just to say hi and get repairs from Kyunghee, the throwing weapons vendor, just for old times’ sake.
  • Saturday evening when I got home from work I flew up to Storm Peaks and did a little questing at the Grom’arsh Crash Site, which put me at Level 80 just as it should. I’m pretty sure three of my four toons hit 80 in Storm Peaks, so it’s kind of a tradition at this point. Fun Fact: When you hit 80 you still get a congratulatory note, potions and fireworks in the mail from Rhonin.
  • When I hit 80 on Saturday I went to try and deliberately queue for Trial of the Champion and the ICC 5’s (because I’m a masochist, that’s why), but those instances are dead. I was in queue for TOC and FoS for over an hour, as a tank. In any event, I enjoyed Old Home week immensely, and wish I could go back to spending time in Northrend. It’s my home.
  • Having hit 80 and run out of instances to tank, I went over to Falconwing Square to see what all this Noblegarden fuss is about. I ran around the square for about a half hour gathering eggs from the six nodes the designers put there, then in an effort to avoid throwing something at my monitor I decided there were probably more productive things I could be doing. I did the achievement last year on my hunter, and well…that’s enough of that.
  • I hightailed it back to Orgrimmar and went to see what new adventures were in store for me. I sat in front of the Warchief’s Command Board for a moment and pondered a trek to either Mount Hyjal or Vashj’ir, then remembered just exactly how much I absolutely hated every minute of Vashj’ir and went to go spend some time with the Guardians of Hyjal.
  • When I did Hyjal the first two times I was in a mix of 251/264 gear from ICC and badges, but this time I was in a mishmash of nonheroic Northrend dungeon blues. Boy howdy the mobs in Hyjal hit like freight trains. I guess I got used to Miss Grimsey the Tank Girl being Superwoman, stopping mobs dead in their tracks merely by looking askance at them, but in Hyjal I actually had to work for my supper.
  • By late Sunday afternoon my favorite pocket(sized) shaman Rushette and our resident restokin Eponine had both hit 80 and done some similar questing in Hyjal, and Rush decided to drag me, kicking and screaming, into Blackrock Caverns. This, friends, is where this whole tanking thing I’ve been doing was exposed for the elaborate flimflammery that it’s always been. Rather than standing in front of a boss, going through a rotation and watching the boss magically die before my eyes, I was expected to…y’know…know stuff. Strategies and such. I was expected to kite Forgemaster Whatsisface through the slag without killing everyone. I was expected to take responsibility for the various mobs’ aggro tables and keep mobs off people. I had to take responsibility for my own tiny health and mana bars, my own threat, and the general safety and welfare of those around me. I no longer had the relative safety of my healer’s infinite mana pool or of being relatively over geared (although to Rush and Suz’s credit they’re both damned good healers). I’m scared, people. I’m too high strung and not smart enough for this! After Rush and Suz logged off I queued up for another run, and when we got to the Forge boss the shaman in the group asked me when I thought he should Bloodlust. In my head I’m thinking “How the hell do I know? Just do it!” but I gave what I thought sounded like a reasonable answer and the boss died without much hassle. Feeling vindicated, I cleared some more trash…then promptly pulled all three of Beauty’s pups by accident, resulting in a near wipe. Aieeeeee.
  • I got a new shield out of the deal, though. All my useless Northrend gear is gone, replaced by shiny new Cataclysm greens and blues. And they have mastery on them! I have to say, coming from the world of shadow priests and boomkins where mastery just isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, the protection paladin mastery is…pardon my French…the shit.

So that was my weekend. I started out at 77 on Thursday and by Sunday night I was a few bars from 82. I actually tanked Blackrock Caverns three times with few problems, got rid of all my less than awesome old world gear, finally dropped my chest and shoulder heirlooms, got the Northrend Dungeonmaster achievement, and managed to preserve at least the outward appearance that I know what I’m doing. Monday it’s dailies and maybe a random or two, then on Tuesday we kill de trolls, mon!



1. Fuzzy_Magicz - April 25, 2011

I thought Falconwing Square would be the best for eggs because nobody would be there – but as you said, there are like 7 spawn points. I did most of my farming in Bloodhoof village despite the amount of competition there.

2. Rush - April 25, 2011

Oh, Bloodlust. Here’s the secret: Most dungeon fights aren’t long enough for the timing to matter much. Just blow it at the start (or after a few seconds when you’re set up).

And as to your tanking. I can only talk about what I saw as the healer, but you held your ground very well. The only deaths were the fault of those people who didn’t move away when they should have (raises hand). And on some of the fights, I spent time standing watching, waiting for someone to need a little topping off. Well done, mate!

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