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I wanted to Ragequit. April 27, 2011

Posted by Stormy in General Whinging, Leveling, Moar Ranting.

I wanted to ragequit.

It was late, 11:30PM on a Monday night. I was in Blackrock Caverns on Tank Girl tanking a normal instance for my daily Justice Points pittance. I zoned in and we buffed up; me, a holy priest, an unholy DK, a fury warrior and a hunter. I pulled the first two trash mobs…so far, so good. OK, I can do this. It’s a Cataclysm instance and I’m level 81, I’ve got some decent gear, I’ve spent 81 levels getting my feet under me. I can do this.

I wanted to ragequit when a trash mob dropped a BOE agility trinket and the warrior Needed on it. “It has agility,” we explained. “It’s hunter/rogue/feral kitty loot”, we pleaded. “Agility helps me attack faster lol.” I wanted to ragequit, but I kept my mouth shut and whispered the priest, thanking her for being the only one in the group who seemed to have a clue what she was doing.

I wanted to ragequit when I pulled the boss and the five trash mobs behind him came along for the ride. I wanted to ragequit when the DK and the warrior both died to the first shockwave, apparently totally unaware of the mechanic. I wanted to ragequit, but I kept my mouth shut and kept walking on toward the next trash pack.

I wanted to ragequit when we got to Corla and we were working out who was going to stand in the beams, and instead the hunter decided to facepull the boss because he was “tired of waiting lol.” I picked up the boss and tanked the boss right next to the right beam just as I said I would (so the DK could hit her).  Neither the hunter or the DK stood in their assigned beams. Both of the adds evolved. I picked them up and tanked them, and the boss died. I wanted to ragequit. Instead I votekicked the hunter.

I wanted to ragequit when, after killing the molten slag boss with little incident, we walked through the tunnel and pulled the two big elemental adds and the DK decided to pull the big trash pack on the side. I wanted to ragequit, but I kept my mouth shut.

I wanted to ragequit when the (new) hunter (that replaced the votekicked one) and the warrior decided to Stand In Bad when we were killing Beauty, and instead almost succeeded in killing themselves. But I didn’t.

I wanted to ragequit when I carefully pulled the two bigger elemental adds in the last hallway, and the DK decided to pull the big trash pack on the side that I had carefully avoided. But I didn’t.

I wanted to ragequit when I pulled Ascendius and both the melee DPS would. not. give. me. my. threat. back. I know I’m a prot pally and I’m overpowered, but I’m still only level 81 and I’m undergeared. I was doing my best to put out as much threat as I could (and yes, I had Righteous Fury on…that’s a mistake I’ll only make once), but I could not get Ascendius back. I wanted to ragequit. But I didn’t.

I wanted to drop group, head back to Orgrimmar, take off my shield and park my paladin for good. Blizzard couldn’t ply me with promises of milk and honey, dreams of mounts and pets, extra gold, extra JPs or gems. I wanted to ragequit and never tank again. I was done.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why Call to Arms will never work. Not because of the loldks who will get some tank gear and queue up as a tank. Not because of the shadow priests and feral kitties who will sign up to try healing. Not because of the jealousy that will tear guilds apart. Not because of the tanks forced to queue solo without their healers they trust. Call to Arms will fail because the leveling/instancing game as it stands now has created an environment where precious few learn how to play their characters correctly, where giving advice to other players is met with “STFU!,” where a complete lack of patience and an assurance of success lead to players wrecklessly running through instances expecting great gear to just appear before their very eyes, where the act of queueing as a tank presents not an hour of fun playing the greatest MMO ever made, but where it represents an hour wrangling the slackjawed, the ignorant, the impatient, the vulgar, the angry, and the just plain clueless.

Tanking requires gear, it requires skill, it requires the proper spec, the proper rotation, the skill to pull off a decent pull…but it also requires guts. It requires the sheer cussedness to queue up, click that Tank button and take control. It requires knowledge of every boss strategy, knowledge of other classes’ abilities and how to work with them, and the perserverance to deal with every crappy DK, warrior and hunter the Dungeon Finder has to offer. It requires passion, willingness to put up the worst of the worst in order to ply the craft of tanking, and to be in complete control while doing it.

Don’t even get me started on healing. And to Tealtra of the Cairne server, the kickass priest that kept me alive through Monday night’s fiasco…my thanks and my kudos, friend.



1. Rush - April 27, 2011

This is exactly why I think (and will blog about later, and others have blogged about before) that leveling should be harder. When out in the questing world, I can kill things at level in questing greens with 2-3 spell casts, when I’m not required to understand what all the other buttons do, I don’t learn how to manage anything.

I remember back after the Cataclysm class changes dropped, but before the Shattering my warlock was able to one-shot mobs in Outland with Soul Fire. What did that teach me? Nothing. It just made me level fast. (Which arguably in Hellfire isn’t a bad thing) But the other spells on my bar? What were they for? The occaisonal mob that was still holding on with 25 health. The imp usually took care of that.

In short, make leveling harder to make dungeons “easier”

2. Fuzzy_Magicz - April 27, 2011

I’m going to sound rude here, and I apologise for that.

We get it, PuGs are usually awful. This one sounds particularly bad. But believe it or not, there are actually plenty of people who know how to play their class, and plenty of smooth, uneventful pugs. But you don’t remember those ones. You don’t blog about how you had a dk who did okay dps and broke CC once, then apologised and did well afterwards.

Everybody knows you get bad pugs. You also get really bad pugs. That’s no reason to say Call to Arms won’t work.

Sure, if every pug was as bad as this the Dungeon finder likely wouldn’t be in the game any more… the thing is, lots of pugs are actually half-decent.

Stormy - April 27, 2011

The bulk of this post is not a rant about one particularly bad pug. Do I give an example of a particularly wretched group I had on Monday? Sure. But the point of the post is that this pug was *not* out of the ordinary, not an aberration. Have I had awesome pug experiences that leave me singing and praising rainbows and puppies? Yes. But that’s not the rule. The truth is that the leveling system as it currently stands, wherein a player is supposed to learn how to play their class, combined with the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory has produced a system that is completely, entirely broken. If you missed that part of the post, well, go back and read again.

If not, there’s always Google.

3. Rebecca - April 27, 2011

I’m sorry you had to go through that!

While there are PUGs out there that range from “ok” to “good” even to “awesome” those are few and far between in my experience. In the last two weeks I’ve done more than a dozen PUG runs as a DPS and 90% of them had at least one person, if not more, who exhibited nitwibblish behaviour. That’s not a ratio I’m willing to put myself in for as a tank. Maybe I’m unlucky.

Even so, that right there, most of what you described, is exactly why I refuse to tank for a full-random LFD group. While I could do it – I have the guts required – I refuse to put myself in that position with the behaviour I now expect from LFD in a game I’m meant to be enjoying. They’ve gotta do better than pets and gems to get me to change my mind.

And when that’s not just how I feel, but how others start to feel, Blizzard starts to have a problem on their hands.

4. Hugh Hancock - April 27, 2011

I’ve been tanking for, what, 5 years now?

The LFD system has made me quit tanking PUGs for good. I’ve actually been keeping track of my LFD experiences for a while now (whilst queued as DPS) – and approximately 75% of them have some flavour of asshole in them. The system actually encourages and promotes antisocial behaviour.

It’ll take more than a non-combat pet to make me go through that as a tank. I’ll take the 30-minute wait and the lack of stress, thanks.

5. Saga - April 28, 2011

I had several tanks in Wrath and did PUGs on all of them, but by now – in Cataclysm.. I don’t tank on anything at level 85. I have two I could tank on, but I don’t dare to. Same with healing, I have plenty of healers – but you’d not find me queueing alone.

Because I just don’t want to put myself in a situation where people can yell at me and treat me badly. If I can stick to guild groups, I will.

Sure, I might get the good or okay or even awesome group. But the odds are just as likely that I’ll get yelled at or some asshole whinging because I’m not full epic (it’s an alt, how would it be.. shouldn’t they be happy to have a healer/tank at all?)

6. Matt - April 29, 2011

“where the act of queueing as a tank presents not an hour of fun playing the greatest MMO ever made, but where it represents an hour wrangling the slackjawed, the ignorant, the impatient, the vulgar, the angry, and the just plain clueless.”

So very true… Right now I am winding down my last few days of playtime, not planning on re-upping, just leveling alts and parking them, because the game is so full of mouthy ignorant retards, it is nigh unplayable…

7. Anna - June 3, 2011

Actually, for paladins until 4.2 hits agility scales better than strength. It translates directly into dodge, while strength gives you extra parry. Since you’ve got diminishing returns and most 4.0 gear has more parry than dodge, an agility neck, ring or trinket gives you better combat table coverage than a strength one will.

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