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Sooooo…Whatcha Doin’? May 3, 2011

Posted by Stormy in General Whinging, Moar Ranting, Sweating Bullet Points, Tank Girl.

I have absolutely nothing planned for this post at all. I’m staring at an empty screen with thoughts bubbling around in my noggin, so let’s see where this goes, shall we? (DANGER, WILL ROBINSON!) Anyway…

  • Miss Tank Girl is now 84, thanks to a bunch of dungeon runs this past weekend and some questing in Hyjal. I’ve gotten to the point where I can pretty much tank Blackrock Caverns and Throne of the Tides in my sleep…although I confess that I still get lost in ToT, which is probably bad. The tank’s supposed to know where they’re going, yes? Also, Vortex Pinnacle can go die in a fire. I don’t mind doing it as DPS, but as a tank it requires all sorts of Stupid Tank Tricks, and, well…screw that.
  • Now that Miss Tank Girl is 84 with 85 in sight just around the riverbend, last night I decided to…pug Zul’Again on my priest. Yeah, I don’t know either. (Note to Twist: Yes, it’s another Bad Pugging Story. Move along now.) I zone into Zul’Gurub into a group that’s cleared all but three bosses. High Priestess Kilnara is now my new favorite WoW boss ever, because her emotes are just extra fabulous. Once we figured out the fight, down she went. Plus she gave me new shoulders, so she’s now my BFF. Then it was on to the Cauldron Boss, and I have heard a lot of people talking smack about this boss, so I was a little skeptical. This may go down in WoW history as one of my favorite boss fights ever. It’s got a gimmick to it, but as long as you pick up the frost mixture when the add comes out and pick up the green mixture just before the gas comes out, you’re golden. Then it was on to the last boss, and by this time our group had gone through more lineup changes than…a thing that goes through a lot of lineup changes…a sports team, maybe…help? We pick up a new holy priest and a DK tank, and our boomkin gives three lines of explanation on the fight. We get through phase one, then we all die spectacularly. The boomkin, who up to this point has been cordial, screams “PRIESTS. LEAVE!” Zomgwhut? I snap back at him, “Soooo you expect perfect execution on a fight we’ve never seen in an instance that’s been on live for less than a week?” The DK (GOBLIN DK OMG CUTE) proceeds to give a lengthy and cogent explanation of the fight and we press on and get into phase two, wherein our holy priest proceeds to tank the floor, incurring the wrath of the boomkin (u c what I did thar?). Tank, priest and retadin drop group, leaving me there with the boomkin…I hightail it out and decide to spend the evening licking my wounds.
  • In other news, I have a Cenarion Hatchling! It’s honestly not as cute as the Baby Boomkin or the Panther Cub, but my ten bucks went to the Red Cross, so there’s that. Those of you who think it’s cynical and awful for Blizzard to sell pets on the Blizzard Store can roll your eyes at me all you want…at least until my Cenarion Hatchling pecks them out.
  • And finally, I’m so absolutely over the moon excited that our recruitment efforts may actually be paying off and bringing awesome new people to the Asylum. We picked up a new guy via the Guild Finder and I talked to him a bit last night and he’s pretty cool, and I’ve got feelers out to a few other people that applied via the Guild Finder. I just need to catch them online so I can get them in. Also, late last night I logged over to our website and there was a new application, and I got to the third answer on the app before I just stopped reading and said “I want him in my guild, like, yesterday.” So there’s that. And I’m really, really excited.

So that’s what’s happening in my world. Every time I walk through Orgrimmar Orphan Matron Battlewail keeps trying to sell me an orphan, but I’m not particularly interested. I’m pondering dropping herbalism on my hunter (druid flowerpicker FTW) and replacing it with mining so I can drop mining on my priest in favor of enchanting, but then I tell myself that my two best guild friends both have enchanters and that I’d have to level two new professions, and then invariably I get distracted by shiny objects and the urge passes. Speaking of shiny objects…*dazzled*….



1. Fuzzy_Magicz - May 3, 2011

You seem to do a lot of these general posts (not that I mind – I do one every week, for Pete’s sake)!
I wish I levelled as fast as you – though it’s probably because I’ve only recently decided to get heirlooms for my alts (I spent all my goodies on stuff for my main before), which means it’s the fast track for me now.
As for PuGs? Well, I’ve decided I’m not really qualified to comment on randoms any more since I haven’t done one for, what, a month or two now? I can at least choose who I play with in Arena (although battlegrounds are another story!). Also, I do indeed see what you did there. Bravo.
I’m glad the Guild Finder is working for you – I have heard literally zero success stories about that thing and most people just seem to be overlooking it, which I can’t blame them for, to be frank: it’s probably not the greatest way to recruit, which, again, is why I’m pleased to see it works.
(I looked up what ‘DANGER, WILL ROBINSON’ was. Being young and uncultured, I still have very little idea :o)

Stormy - May 3, 2011

Oh Twist, the bane of my blogging existence. You come to my blog, you tell me my nerdrage posts are tiresome, you question my guild leadership skills in using the GuildFinder…and all that’s just fine and dandy. You and I can disagree and that’s okay.

…and then you accuse me of being old because I’m familiar with “Danger, Will Robinson!” THIS IS NOT OKAY. YOU HEAR ME? DAMN YOU. THIS IS *NOT* OKAY.

Fuzzy_Magicz - May 3, 2011

My problem is that my very nature is to be unashamedly critical of people, despite my best efforts not to. If it’s any help, I think you’re a witty writer who poses good points on a variety of interesting topics while remaining a voice the common player can relate to. I’m even going to go out of my way to stroke your ego and admit that I admire you (hit your print screen button now for posterity).
As for using memes and references that certain demographics won’t understand, that’s completely fine and practically a staple of internet culture. Another problem of mine is that I have a tendency to do that in real life… where NOBODY has any idea what the hell I just said. Embarassing.

Rush - May 3, 2011

The Guild Finder. What to say about it…
Recruiting is hard. Especially for a small casual guild. It requires one of two scenarios:
1) Both Recruiter and Recruitee are sitting in Org with General/Trade/LFG on.
2) Recruiter meets an unguilded player in a PuG that seems like a good fit for your guild.
I don’t know about the anyone else, but I’m never in General/Trade chat, and the number of conversations that pop up in PuGs are almost nonexistent, so I don’t see this happening.
Yes, we’ve gotten our fair share of applicatiants that are clearly never going to get a second look. But that’s okay. We’re still out there for people to find us. And if they take the time to go to our guild website and fill out an app…well, that’s fantastic.

Stormy - May 3, 2011

OHAI I fixed comments so it goes more than three replies deep. I win at WordPress. ./flex


I pondered a post about the GuildFinder, and I may still do one at some point. I think my thoughts echo those of the post that went up yesterday at WoW Insider. It’s an awesome tool for finding people on your home realm who are looking for a guild in general, but the implementation leaves much to be desired. There’s not a good way to differentiate our guild from the giant resident stoner/burnout guild on our server (you know which one I’m talking about) because we’re all looking for the same things. There’s the ability to put a short blurb about the guild directing someone to our website, but how many people are going to take the time to go there and fill out a guild app? I think in general it’s a good idea, and I hope Blizz runs with it and improves it.

Stormy - May 3, 2011

Also, with respect to advertisements in Trade, I always said the day there was a ” is a friendly, helpful leveling guild!” ad in Trade is the day I’d quit WoW. Not sure whether there’s really a difference between that and the GuildFinder. Things that me me go “Hmmm.”

Rush - May 3, 2011

But the movie remake of the series wasn’t THAT long ago…Yeah it was an awful movie (as most remakes are), but oh goodness.
Although a friend’s Tumblr recently pointed out to me that Disney’s The Little Mermaid was released closer in time to the moon landing than the present day, and it made me feel very sad.
MWAHAH! Look at my mad skillz at Tangent-ializing!

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