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Sometimes You Just Get Lucky May 5, 2011

Posted by Stormy in General Whinging.

Tuesday night I got out of work after a particularly miserable day, came home and logged into WoW. My paladin tanked a relatively uneventful Throne of the Tides run, and then she had homework to do–inscription homework, that is. But she was completely out of Snowfall Ink for the Northrend Inscription Research, and believing that the whole black market ink trading nonsense in Orgrimmar is an overpriced swindle she placed a quick call to her cousin Sterrin and asked him to go gather some herbs.

Having recently been to Storm Peaks for a quick bit of leveling on the paladin I realized just how much I missed one of my favorite zones, so rather than heading up to the herbalist’s paradise of Sholazar I decided to farm some icethorn and lichbloom in Storm Peaks. I flew around for a bit and picked flowers and marveled at the scenery, and I even managed to run into Vyragosa and kill her. I waved at the NPC’s at the Grom’arsh Crash Site as I am wont to do, and then as I flew over the next hill I did a double take. There was a wolf. A blue wolf. I looked again, and my heart stopped.


I’ve said before that I’m a Wrath baby and have only recently gotten into the sort of medium–core playing that blogging and the blogging community invariably encourage, so throughout most of Wrath I was blissfully unaware that these spirit beasts even exist and that they’re so in demand. A cursory search reveals a bunch of accounts of people camping these spawn sites for days, so I knew I’d found something special. Since I was on my druid and not my hunter I panicked and flailed for a second, had the foresight to double check my map to see exactly where I was, then logged over to my hunter. In a moment of late–night desperation I barked in Trade for a port to Dalaran, overpaid for said port, then again had the forethought to stop at the Dalaran stables and stable three pets that I wasn’t currently using (Why three? I don’t know. But it paid off. Keep reading!) Storm Peaks, ho!

There he was, still wandering around giving snide looks to the local fauna and being a general badass. Oh, you better believe I tamed that sucker. But then I got to thinking: this wasn’t really luck. Wrath is over, people have generally deserted the beauty of Northrend for the Cataclysm zones now. No one’s really camping these things in Northrend anymore. What else can I find? So I jumped the nearest flight point and headed over to Sholazar Basin just for giggles. I landed at Sholazar Base Camp and did a quick loop down around the border with Wintergrasp, periodically checking my minimap.

Me rockin' T10 shoulders and my blue wolf


I landed, hit my tame beast button, had an “Oh shit!” moment as I realized I still had Skoll out and he was eating Loque’nahak’s face, threw Skoll into passive and then dismissed him, and kept on taming.

I haz a kitten.

Two spirit beasts in the space of ten minutes. Not too shabby.



1. Fuzzy_Magicz - May 5, 2011

pics or it didn’t…
Well, gz.

2. The Pink Pally - May 5, 2011


Is it odd that I’m very much a dog person irl, but I prefer kitties in WoW?

3. Rush - May 5, 2011

Um. How come you didn’t mention this to your guildies!!!?!?!

Stormy - May 5, 2011

Uh, because I’ve only seen you for about five minutes this week in between server restarts and you were too busy getting acheesements of your own?

4. red cow - May 10, 2011

Grats! Those are both beautiful pets 🙂

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