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Reputation May 9, 2011

Posted by Ben in General Whinging.

Last week I decided that my freshly-dinged Level 85 Goblin Shaman was tired of riding a wyvern (And really, who can blame me?) and that she wanted to ride a nether ray. So off I went to Shattrath and inquired if the Skyguard was still looking for help. Having been starved for recruits these past few years they gladly pressed me into service and set me to work.

What I learned is that Blizzard has learned a lot about quest-based reputation grinds since the days of Patch 2.1. After an initial series of quests, there is ONE daily quest in Skettis and one repeatable turn-in quest that gives me an item I can use to see extra mobs in Skettis which I can kill to collect scrolls to summon other mobs who drop items that together allow me to kill Terokk. And killing the Arakkoa in Skettis does give me rep to, but I hate farming, so that’s not going to happen. If you do the quest to open up Ogri’la, you’ll be introduced to some additional Skyguard members who have TWO additional quests for you. Oh, and neither of these two “hubs” is on a Flight Point. Needless to say, this isn’t going to be something I achieve quickly.

Hold this in contrast to the Sons of Hodir in the Storm Peaks. An epic introductory quest chain followed by a slew of daily quests that grows as you gain reputation (Plus some turn-ins for those people who like to grind rep). It still takes a few weeks to get to max rep, but you get lots of interesting things to do in a relatively small area.

Then think about Therazane in Deepholm. By the time you’ve completed the zone, you’re almost to Revered. You have a group of dailies to complete that can be done in bunches, and you can reach Exalted in less than two weeks.

I, as the casual player, love this shift in reputation grinding. I may only play 90 minutes some days, and I don’t necessarily want to spend that time doing the same thing each time, so grinds that I don’t have to feel guilty for only doing 2-3 times a week, really fit my style. What about you?



1. Stormy - May 9, 2011

We’ve actually talked about this subject a little bit here before, and the more I think about it the more I come to the conclusion that it’s not the method of the grind. It’s not the dailies, or the repetition of the dailies, or the rep turn-ins, or the constant kills, or the rep tabards that bug me. It’s the sheer daunting feeling of looking at a rep bar that’s at Neutral and having to clear 3,000 to Friendly, 6,000 to honored, 12,000 to revered and 21,000 to exalted. No matter what method we use for grinding rep, I’m going to be utterly sick of it as soon as I get to revered, and it’s going to take a small miracle for me to get through 21,000 points up to exalted. No matter what method, I just get sick of doing the same thing for days/weeks/months on end.

2. Fuzzy_Magicz - May 9, 2011

No pain no gain 😀

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