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Project Pequeño May 12, 2011

Posted by Stormy in Project Pequeño.

Having dipped my toes and my nose into this WoW blogging thing I find myself at a bit of a crossroads. On the one hand I sit and read some of the posts I’ve written and I think “God, how did I end up with so much dreck on my blog? I’m a better writer than this, and Warcraft is a better muse.” And yet, some of the topics we’ve covered lately have spurred some interesting discussions that I think are worth pursuing further. So a bit of a reboot is in order.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Project Pequeño. I suppose more properly it should be called Project Pequeño/Pequeña, but that’s too much of a mouthful. Pequeño and Pequeña are a newly-minted dynamic duo of goblin shamans: one a spunky black-haired playboy with an elemental spec and a bad attitude, and one a sassy blue-haired goblinette who has an earth shield and knows how to use it. Only I don’t actually have a clue how to use it, and that’s exactly the point. The tiny shamans will be my fourth and fifth attempt at playing a shaman, respectively. Every other time I’ve rolled a shaman I’ve ended up losing interest and deleting it–something about the huge array of melee, ranged and healing abilities, combined with the added mechanic of totems just leads me to get confused and overwhelmed and throw my hands up.

I seen you 'round here before.

This will be my attempt at learning a completely new and complicated class from scratch. Pequeña will be leveled from 15 to 85 exclusively through healing dungeons in the Dungeon Finder in an effort to either really learn how to heal–or prove that learning how to really heal via the Dungeon Finder is not possible. Pequeño will be leveled exclusively through non-dungeon PvE content (I do not PvP. Ever.) . You’re probably sitting there asking why I’m going to level two toons instead of just dual-speccing the same toon. I want to be able to a) separate the two experiences entirely, and b) not have my questing time cut short by huge dungeon XP. These will also be the first toons since my hunter that will be leveled without the use of heirlooms.

Security. Enforcement. Extortion. I do it all!

As for resources, the WoW interface is going to be my primary source of information on how to play my character.  This is, after all, an exercise in studying exactly how we learn how to play a character well. My shamans will have access to a full suite of professions and craftables from my other toons, and for their own professions Pequeño will be taking skinning and leatherworking (gah!) and Pequeña will be an enchanter (I don’t actually have an enchanter yet. Yes, I see you yelling at your monitor.) Finally, as I’ve been playing my tankadin I’ve found that I need a better way to keep track of exactly what the hell is going on, so this morning I installed Power Auras for the very first time ever (I know, I know…seriously, stop yelling at me) and I’ll be teaching myself how to use it.

Come along, little shamans. We’ve got work to do.



1. Matt - May 12, 2011

Leveling as a healer through the dungeon finder is often more boring than anything… However, it’s the “OHSHIT” moments that teach you to heal well, and in panic situations. Practice conserving mana as early as you can, use just what is needed, and it becomes second nature real quick. When the moron pulls 4 extra groups, and the tank can’t get them all, and they are beating on everyone, you will have the mana for it, the spell regimen for it, and the knowledge for it, the only thing missing the first few times is the focus and confidence. LFD provides the idiocy that allows those to come about! YAY!!

2. Fuzzy_Magicz - May 12, 2011

I give you a week.
Only kidding! Good luck and don’t feel pressured to continue if you do cop out (I know I would!). On the subject of RDF healing, Matt pretty much explained it perfectly.
Also, I assume the names are Spanish? What do they mean? (CBA to find out myself)
Finally, I too think Shaman have way too many abilities to get to grips with. Just ignore the ones that are obviously for another spec and focus on your main ones. Don’t use totems til you get a Call at level 30 (yeah, shamans, stop yelling), when you can put four out with one button.

Stormy - May 12, 2011

So does this mean your “Stormy’s Full of Crap and His Blog is Rubbish!” post can be shelved now? Have I redeemed myself by coming up with a solution to my problem instead of just more whinging?

Stormy - May 12, 2011

Also, pequeño is “small” in Spanish…since they’re goblins and they’re small, and since Rush is sick of me referring to his goblin shaman as “Hi, tiny shaman!” and “Mah pokkit shaman!”

Rush - May 12, 2011

Having leveled two shamans to 85, I’ll chime in with my advice. There are a lot of abilities for Shamans because they can fill three different roles (similar to a druid in some ways), but the ones you’ll use are actually not that vast. (especially as elemental)

On totems. Until you can drop all of them at once, just drop you Fire totem (preferably Flametongue) while leveling. In dungeons, you’ll have more time to drop totems, so you can drop more, but I recommend against not dropping totems. Just like a Pally tank wouldn’t run into battle without Devo Aura or Righteous Fury, you wouldn’t want to heal without your buffs up too.

Then when you get higher level, you get to play the totem mini-game. By figuring out which buffs that other specs in your group provide, and not dropping the totem with the same or lesser buff.

Fuzzy_Magicz - May 13, 2011

In response to the remark about my post, don’t think you’ve got off easy. I’ve just had a busy week, so you’ll just be full of slightly stale crap, rather than fresh steaming.

Fuzzy_Magicz - May 13, 2011

Replied to the wrong reply. 😦

3. Zinn - May 12, 2011

At first I thought you were holding some kind of gun and thought “oh my god, is that a HUNTER SHAMAN?!”. But then I realized it was probably a mace…

Stormy - May 12, 2011

Noo, it’s a Broken Toilet Plunger. The name alone cracks me up.

4. red cow - May 12, 2011

You can call it “Project Pequen@”, the @ sign being an elegant way many writers indicate both masculine and feminine forms in Spanish.

I look forward to reading about your dungeon-trawling, particularly because I don’t dungeon on my lowbie alts. Also goblins are the best <333

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