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Random Guild Leadery Crap* May 16, 2011

Posted by Stormy in Guild Stuff.

*with apologies to Alas

It’s Monday morning, which means I’ve spent the bulk of the weekend hanging out with my guild…well, my “guild.” We’re doing what we can to expand, and we’ve had a few successes on that front, but I think we still stretch the definition of the word “guild”. We actually had five people on at one time for a brief moment last night, and it was heaven.

  • DING! We hit level 18 the other day. And yet I find myself frustrated at just how slowly we’re leveling. This is mostly the fault of Blizzard for setting up the guild leveling system the way it’s currently set up, and yet I find myself (internally) screaming at other guildies who turn me down when I suggest completing a guild challenge for the giant chunk of guild XP. If we did all seven dungeon challenges every week that’s a cool 2.1 million guild XP we could be cashing in on, and it bothers the hell out of me that we’re not.
  • The GuildFinder has been pretty hit-and-miss. Being one of the few guilds on Garrosh who are higher than level 10 and who advertise in the GuildFinder means we get a lot of random requests from Arthasdklol and his kin, a lot of messages saying “I just want to level this character,” blank messages from level 1 toons and the like. The bulk of these get deleted on sight. The ones that don’t are the ones I find frustrating, because the GuildFinder doesn’t have a built-in way to contact someone who’s not currently online for more information. I’ve got four or five requests out there from people I’d happily invite if they’d just log on while I’m online, but since I can’t I’ve done the only other thing I can do, sending in-game mail to them. I also wish Blizz would fix the UI issues with the GuildFinder–namely the fact that there are more characters available in the guild description page the GM sees than there are in what a potential prospect sees, and the fact that if a potential prospect types more in the “more information” box than what’s available, there’s no way to see the rest.
  • We have, however, had a couple new prospects show up via the website, and I’m guessing those are probably people that found us via the blog. A couple weeks ago we got an app and I got about three sentences in before I just stopped reading and said “I want this person in my guild, like, yesterday.”
  • The two previous guilds I’ve been in have seen a lot of organic growth from friends and family, people who have connections to existing guild members. These people tend to be more committed to the long-term success of a guild than others, and I wish the few new folks we have picked up would tell their friends how awesome we are. On the other hand, having several otherwise-unconnected people in the guild means I’m going to have to get used to the idea of churn–I’ll admit to being a bit hurt when I saw “$Toonname has left the guild” last week, wondering exactly what we did wrong.
  • All this talk of guild recruiting and expansion has a tendency to come up in guild chat, and although I’ve said very publicly that we’ll never be one of those guilds that advertises in Trade I’ve been pondering just exactly what our ad would say if we did. “<Sane Asylum>, a level 18 guild, likes pina coladas, long walks on the beach, and intellectual discussions about the 2012 race for Warchief. Seeking singles and open-minded couples for heroics, PvP and more.”
  • And here’s the rough one: I was going to write a post about this when it happened and I just kind of…didn’t. Ever since the folks in $OldRaidingGuild left Sane Asylum two months ago to restart $OldRaidingGuild I haven’t worried about our guild vault at all. There have only really been three people who play with any regularity, and I trust the other two completely and implicitly, so I just don’t really even worry about it. But since we’ve been picking up a few random strays I decided last week that I should check the logs just to see what’s going on. I was horrified to find that one of the members of $OldRaidingGuild has a level 13 priest who’s still in Sane Asylum, and he’s been taking entire stacks of Northrend gems and enchanting mats over the last month. It’s not the stuff that bothers me–although Rush has been making a bit of a living for us by selling off the huge stocks of enchanting mats and other random crap we’ve been sitting on, and we’re out that money. On the one hand I’m relieved that he’s not taking anything from the large amount of Cataclysm stuff in there, and I’m relieved that we do have a fairly strict set of GV privileges in place so he can’t take more than two stacks of this kind of stuff a day. On the other hand I’m so mad at myself for not catching it earlier that I could just scream. I reached out to a friend who’s an officer in $OldRaidingGuild and she said she’d check into it, and I never heard anything back. I demoted the level 13 priest to our punishment/account hacked rank (every guild has one, yes?) and now I check the logs every day. Lesson learned, I guess.

So that’s what’s going on in Guild Land. This post turned into a thousand words of random guild leadery crap, but there it is…



1. Fuzzy_Magicz - May 16, 2011

Again, good luck with the recruiting. I think your guild philosophy ideas are great and I think there’s a great ‘market’ for that kind of audience.
What’s so bad about advertising in trade? You’re already picking up strays with the guild finder – I don’t see the difference with that to Trade, so please clarify your aversion to /2 recruiting. I think it’s another tool in a guild recruiter’s arsenal that should be utilised.
Anyway, sounds like you’re doing a good job and, like I said before, I think there are a lot of people who would be interested in your guild, so keep raising awareness.

Stormy - May 16, 2011

From a functional standpoint you’re absolutely right–recruiting in trade is functionally the same as using the GuildFinder and opening your recruiting to the public. I’ve done a fair bit of wrestling with that in coming up with some kind of plan for recruiting.

On the other hand, one of the selling points of our guild is that we cater to precisely the kind of people who hate trade chat. There’s a good chance the kind of people we’re looking for are the kind of people who turn off trade right from the get-go and never turn it back on.

In any event, I half-jokingly said last night that I’d like to spam our advertisement in trade just once, just to see what happened.

Fuzzy_Magicz - May 16, 2011

The point about people turning off Trade chat is a good one. Hmm… how about Local Defence? 😛

Rush - May 16, 2011

Does anything happen in Local Defense other than endless: Orgimmar is under attack!?

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