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Wherein Rush talks about himself May 19, 2011

Posted by Ben in General Whinging, Leveling.

The wall has been pretty quiet these past few days, and while I can’t speak for Stormy, I know that I’ve been struggling to come up with what to write about. There are, of course, things to be ranted about (OMG!!1! WHY IS BLIZZ MAKE ME PAY TO DF WIT MY FRIENDZ1!!1 LOL), but that hardly seems productive. So instead, I decided to write about what my characters are going to be doing.

Stormy wrote a long guild leadery post earlier in the week, and intentionally or not I felt called out for not helping level up the guild by doing the content that nets us the most possible rep. Since the “Exodus”, I’ve almost exclusively focused on leveling alts. And I love alts. Leveling is my favorite part of the game, but at the same time it can feel kind of pointless when you look at what happens to my characters that reach max level.

  • Elrush (Shadow Priest) – ilvl 336
  • Rush (Enhancement Shaman) – ilvl 339
  • Rushette (Resto/Elemental Shaman) – ilvl 335

Three characters. All just past the cusp of being eligible to run heroic dungeons. All with one or two pieces of gear from the Justice Points Vendor. I love all of these characters and enjoy playing them, so why haven’t I pushed them any further?

So here I stand (sit? since I don’t have a standing desk), and declare that I’m not going to let my 85s wallow any longer. I’m going to brave the dungeon finder (with or without the company of my guildies depending on their availability), and I am going to get them geared.

I started this yesterday. Dusting the mothballs off my Priest, I took him into a regular dungeon first (figured that’d be the best place to refresh myself). Then I jumped into the Heroic queue. Vortex Pinnacle. It was amazingly smooth sailing. I’d never been there on heroic, but the fights weren’t too different. That is until we got to the last boss. See, I didn’t know about the Static Cling. And in my nubish-ness, completely neglected to realize that I could Dispel it from myself (not that I didn’t try a bunch of other spells), and I died. And there was a wipe. The group was actually not upset, explained what was needed of me, and we tried again. Second Attempt. Another wipe. Partially because I forgot that Dispel Magic only works on me now, and Mass Dispel is what takes care of others. Third Attempt. Success. Nub Flag Achievement.

Feeling more confident, I queued up again. Heroic Deadmines in progress. It’s never a good sign when you zone in and two of the four party members are dead. Two failed attempts at Foe Reaper and a tank switch later, and this group is not working. Not a gear problem. A communication problem. And the hunter was stoned. (I know because he said so). I bail.

Confidence shaken, I fly around doing some Archeology, and then decide to queue again. Lost City of the Tol’Vir. Without a hitch. One shot each boss, no deaths that I can recall. Confidence boosted. (and another Nub Flag Achievement)

Two out of three successful. I think I can do this.



1. Rebecca - May 19, 2011

Congrats on the successful runs! Heck, even the DM run – that sounds like it wasn’t your fault. So many groups fail at Foe Reaper.

Anyway, hope you enjoy gearing your characters. Very brave to do so solo, especially as a healer 😉

Rush - May 19, 2011

Well, the Priest is DPS all the way. I’m starting with that so i can get a handle on the fight mechanics before I plunge the Resto Shaman into the fray. 🙂

2. Fuzzy_Magicz - May 19, 2011

This pleases me greatly.

3. Stormy - May 20, 2011

FWIW, I’m sorry you feel “called out” by what I said. No…scratch that. That’s *exactly* why I wrote what I wrote. At this point I have two options with regard to Sane Asylum: throw myself at it completely and totally, committing myself entirely to doing everything possible to ensure the growth and success of the guild we built, or just stop giving a damn entirely. I’m trying Option 1 first, and when I get tired of that I’ll move on to Option 2.

As far as dungeons, I did three of them on my spriest yesterday on Internet Hooky Day, and I think overall all the complaining folks have done about the DungeonFinder are now obsolete. Folks’ overall gear levels are improving, people are more familiar with the dungeons, and a lot of people who probably shouldn’t be doing dungeons have given up on them, so things are getting better. Does that pretty much contradict everything I’ve ever said on the subject here on Das Gamenbloggen? *shrug*

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