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Focusing on the Awesome May 24, 2011

Posted by Stormy in General Whinging, Guild Stuff, Moar Ranting, Personal, Tank Girl.

When I first started this blogging thing I promised myself I wasn’t going to be one of those bloggers who just bitch all the time. And then a month or two went by…and I became one of those bloggers who just bitch all the time. And sure, there’s lots to bitch about. People in heroic groups are generally poor excuses for human beings, trade chat generally makes me nauseous, there’s someone walking around on my server with a raiding title she doesn’t deserve…bitch bitch bitch. But that’s boring. Let’s focus on the awesome, shall we?

  • Playing a shadow priest is like riding a bike. I pushed my dear raven-haired mistress of shadow magic aside for a month or so while I power-leveled Miss Tank Girl, and yet I can still log over to my priest and pull 15K on a heroic boss fight with my eyes closed. I know it’s because I’m ahead of the average gear curve when I’m in a heroic group (/flex) but it’s so much fun.
  • Speaking of shamans, Tank Girl’s breastplate has a small shaman-sized pocket in it, and I find that dungeon runs are much more enjoyable (and less wipe-prone) when I’m in the company of a certain pocket-sized shaman. Add in a floofy restokin or the green fireballs of our resident warlock and I’m a happy camper. The three of us did dungeon runs all day Sunday, and I actually remembered what it’s like to have fun in WoW. I still have yet to convince Rush that yes, he can heal me through a heroic run, but I’m working on it. And speaking of awesome, last night I swallowed my pride and queued up to tank a heroic and got…my nemesis, Vortex Pinnacle. And the run was awesome. The DPS was insane, the healer was a pro, and everyone endured my subpar tanking.
  • Guild recruiting is still slow and painful, but we picked up a couple new people this week, so I’m totally over the moon about that. We actually had, y’know, guild chat and stuff. This is my excited face.
  • Back when I first saw troll druid flight form I quite nearly had a joygasm at the computer screen, so on Day One I plunked down my $25 to switch Sterrin over to a troll…but it just never quite felt right. The actual troll form isn’t particularly attractive and I never see the bear or the kitty, and I just felt out of place. So this weekend I plunked down another $25 (because I’m just dripping with extra money for these sorts of things, dontchaknow) and returned Sterrin to his Tauren roots. I still have a soft spot for Vol’jin, but once a Tauren, always a Tauren.
  • A few weeks ago I mentioned that while I was farming herbs in Storm Peaks I lucked out and managed to get my hunter’s leathery mitts on Skoll and Loque’nahak. Late last night on a whim I decided to go on a hunting expedition and find Arcturis and Gondria. Gondria eluded me, but I haz a bare.

Sum hunters haz bare.

  • And finally, The Awesome. This is probably the part of the post that’s going to bring me hate mail, but there it is. I’ve mentioned previously that one of my new hobbies is grinding old school Outland rep on my priest for the giggles (and the money from the netherweave bags…boy howdy). I finished up the Shattered Sun Offensive and started in on Lower City, and finally got myself to honored with Lower City and bought the Auchenai Key (just in time for keys to go away!). Ladies and gents, I have run heroic Sethekk Halls on my army of toons exactly three times. I ran it once for one of the holiday achievements during Winter Veil, and I ran it last week for rep grinding. Then, on Saturday night…

Oh. Em. Gee.

  • You may now proceed to throw things at me. I know, I know. Somehow the random number generator decided to throw me some love. I don’t get it either. And although I’m loathe to look a gift horse in the mouth, I gotta say: I find it odd that an epic mount, a very rare drop from a heroic Burning Crusade dungeon, a bird…doesn’t fly. Still, he’s damned sexy.


Anyway, that’s my awesome for the week. What’s yours?



1. Fuzzy_Magicz - May 24, 2011

Have fun with the raven lord until 4.2, when we get a BETTER FIREY PEWPEW VERSION THAT I MUST HAVE.
And your hunter is building quite the collection, it seems. WTB player housing so you can put that sort of stuff on display.

2. The Pink Pally - May 24, 2011

He doesn’t fly? wtf? Still, he is beautiful! Congrats.

And /cheers for a blog post focusing on the positive. 🙂

3. red cow - May 25, 2011

Ok so at first I was like “nah why I send you hatemail for getting the raven lo—THREE TIMES?!?!” And then I choked a little. But grats. Really.


4. taylormattd - June 1, 2011

Hi Stormy!

Sorry to intrude here again. I haven’t read your blog in a while, but I wanted to let you know I pop in to read it because I enjoy your writing. You are both eloquent and hilarious.

Two things. First, Ima slap you for getting that mount. Second, (and I hope you don’t get mad), but I think this: “there’s someone walking around on my server with a raiding title she doesn’t deserve” is kind of beneath you. If I’m thinking of the person you are talking about, she now has good raid awareness and regularly pulls around 20K dps, depending on the boss, in our raids. If I am off-base, I apologize.

See you in front of the JC daily lady! 🙂


Stormy - June 1, 2011

It occurs to me that, given $OldRaidingGuild’s history of launching smear campaigns full of allegations they knew to be completely false against members *of their own guild* on non-WoW-related websites, members of $OldRaidingGuild lack the moral authority to tell me what’s “beneath” me.

As to the validity of your claim versus mine, I’m glad $Raider has been given the opportunity to prove herself. Those kinds of opportunities were few and far between when I was a member of $OldGuild, but maybe things are different now.

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