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Silverpine June 2, 2011

Posted by Ben in Leveling, Zones.

A fictionalized telling of the questline through Silverpine Forest since the Shattering. I enjoyed and received such a positive response from the telling of Westfall, that I wanted to do another. Sit back and enjoy.

A call had gone out for able members of the Horde to assist the Forsaken. Most scoffed at the notion, remembering the betrayal of Putress at the Wrathgate, but I recalled the aid the Forsaken had provided to my people in the reclaiming what is now called the Ghostlands. I booked passage on the next zeppelin to the Undercity.

A priest of the shadow, I’d spent time learning my craft in the dank halls beneath the ruins of Lordaeron. I sought out some of my old colleagues to get information about what kind of fight I had signed up for. When the recent earthqueakes had shaken the world, it had broken open the Greymane Wall. Seeing an opportunity, the Forsaken had staged an incursion into the once closed off kingdom of Gilneas, but after initial success, a host of sentient worgen backed by Stormwind’s 7th Legion had come rushing out, intent on retaking Lordaeron for the Alliance.

Landing at Forsaken High Command, I saw Lady Windrunner conversing with three Val’kyr. When the Lich King had been defeated, many of the more independent members of the Scourge had become free agents, and these three had taken up cause with the Banshee Queen. Over the ridge I heard the sounds of combat, but here at the command post, everyone seemed intent on preparations for something.

A flash of light announced the opening of a mage’s portal, and the great hall of Orgrimmar visible through the swirling vortex. The new warchief, Hellscream, stepped through the portal with a look of disgust on his face. At least, it looked like disgust. It was the only way I’d ever seen his face. The Banshee Queen greeted his arrival, and immediately began explaining her plan. Nearby, a shallow depression in the earth contained the bodies of a dozen defeated soldiers of the Alliance. At Lady Windrunner’s command, the val’kyr raised them as undead.

The Warchief was not pleased. Angry words were exchanged, and Hellscream stormed back into the portal. The sight had made me sick, and I found a hidden corner to unload the contents of my stomach. Regaining composure, I presented myself to the deathguard commander for assignment. Recognizing that I was a seasoned member of the Horde, he sent me along with a Val’kyr to Fenris Isle to make an assault on the human settlement. There was suspicion that they were in league with the Worgen.

On the island, we dispatched the lightly armored soldiers one by one, and I tried to ignore as each one was raised as a new member of the Forsaken by my companion. Deeper and deeper into the village we went, picking off who we could. One newly risen undead told us that Darius Crowley, the leader of the Worgen assault was here, meeting with the town elders in the fortress. It was an opportunity to cut off the head of the invasion, and I wasn’t about to let it pass me by.

Fading into the shadows of the dark keep, the val’kyr and I approached the great hall. The voices were easy enough to hear from outside the thick wooden doors. A debate was raging. Crowley was offering the humans the opportunity to become Worgen, a condition that would render them safe from the curse of undeath, in exchange for their help in reclaiming this land for the living. The debate didn’t last long, and a long feral howl set a shiver down my spine. An assault on Crowley no longer reasonable, we slipped silently back to High Command.

I reported to Lady Windrunner what I’d witnessed. If she were concerned, she didn’t show it. She invited me to ride with her south to the Sepulcher. The frontlines had moved south, and the Forsaken had reclaimed their primary settlement in the region. As we rode through the dark forest, the Banshee Queen started talking.

“When the Lich King was defeated, the Forsaken were effected more profoundly than the mortal races of Azeroth. For you, this was just another threat vanquished. For us, it was the conclusion of our entire reason for being. For years, we had dedicated ourselves to destroying the monster who had subjected us to the curse of undeath. We were defined by him. Now who are we? We aren’t full members of the Horde, the Kor’kron Guard in the halls of the Undercity make that abundantly clear. The Alliance still claims this land as their own, even though the original residents have not left. We were a besieged people with no way to maintain our numbers. Until the Val’kyr. They are the future and salvation of my kind. With their aid, the Forsaken will live on.”

When Sylvanas fell silent, I didn’t respond. I spent the rest of the ride pondering what she said. I thought of my own people, of the magic addiction that had nearly wiped us out. How we’d turned to other sources to satisfy the urges, and how with the rebirth of the Sunwell, we’d started to make progress. The Sepulcher was buzzing with preparations. The Forsaken had something big planned.

(to be continued…)



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