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A week of dungeons June 14, 2011

Posted by Ben in General Whinging.

I recently had a week of staycation, and spent much of that time in the world of Azeroth. I did a fair amount of solo play (I believe I’ve said before how much I enjoy leveling and questing), but I also spent some time running dungeons with my guildies. And I made some good and bad observations.

  • There’s no system that tells players who are brand new to the game what gear is right for them. In several runs of low-level dungeons I encountered players wearing gear that was completely useless to their class. Specifically, Intellect & Spirit for Hunters and Warriors.

It reminds me of a time long ago when my main was a noobie little Alliance rogue in the pre-pre-BC Vanilla WoW days and I got the Hypnotic Blade from Scarlet Monastery. The item was itemized a little different than it is now, but it was still intended as a caster weapon. I didn’t ninja it from a caster, they had all passed (back before the game had implemented its own loot rolling system, and you still have to type /roll), and it was a huge upgrade for me in terms of the base weapon damage. I dual wielded that dagger along with a quest reward from SM until I got to level 60. But that was back when quest rewards from leveling were mostly crap, and your odds of finding upgrades from 40-60 were slim pickings outside of dungeons.

  • DPS seem to be in an awful big hurry to rush through instances. I’d expect it from a tank, as the insta-queue allows them to collect rewards faster, but what are dps rushing to?

A couple other WoW bloggers have broached this topic in the past couple days, so I won’t rehash their same arguments, but just lay out my thoughts. When I’m tanking, I’m going to grab what I think I can control. And I’m not likely to try and grab two groups, because I can’t trust the dps in most dungeons (especially the uber-heirloomed mage who’s queueing up his next Pyroblast before I’ve even started moving) to not start attacking until I’ve got the packs rounded up.

  • Some players are receptive to some friendly advice. Some aren’t.

What else is there to say. When pointing out to one warrior that a caster staff wasn’t really useful to him, he apologized and thanked us for letting him know. He’d just been looking at the damage on the staff (remember my story above?), and didn’t think about the rest of the stats. A warrior tank in Wailing Caverns bedecked in Stam/Int/Spi gear? Silence.

  • There are a rash of dpsers in heirlooms trying to freeload in low level dungeons.

I encountered at least two different toons last week who zoned in and just started auto-following a member of the party. Hint: When the warlock is standing next to the tank and not doing anything, it’s not going to go unnoticed.

Overall, I had many pleasant experiences in the dungeon finder last week, but these were a few of the more interesting things that happened. What adventures have you had recently?



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