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Back in the Swing June 29, 2011

Posted by Stormy in Leveling, Project Pequeño.

It’s been quiet around here lately. Frankly it’s been quiet in WoW lately, too. I mentioned this in a comment  I left on Rush’s last post, but I think it’s worth expounding on. Two weeks ago I disappeared off the face of the planet for a real-life vacation, and now that I’m back I’m having a hard time getting back into the swing of the game. I didn’t log on much from Minneapolis, but I did log on every day long enough to do the jewelcrafting daily and Northrend Inscription Research, and I learned something: the MacBook I was using as my WoW computer just can’t do it. I was on high-speed wired internet in my hotel room and WoW still crawled.

Back in September of last year I actually plunked down a little bit of cash for a new PC laptop, and I used it for about a week before I retreated back to the friendly confines of my MacBook. The input methods on the new laptop are just not suited for the style of WoW playing that I’m used to, and it made life really difficult. But I couldn’t deny the obvious anymore: playing WoW on the MacBook wasn’t going to work. So I dragged my PC out, spent an entire day downloading Windows updates and Cataclysm, and tried to play. It was time for more sad reality: my career as a halfway decent shadow priest is probably over. I know this would get me kicked out of every high-end raiding guild on the planet, but I cannot bring myself to use keys to cast spells. It’s odd and too difficult for my brain to manage. Moreover, if I did need to bind spells to keys the keybindings need to make some sense. I can’t bind Mind Flay to the 1 key and Mind Blast to the 2 key; I would need to bind them both to M for Mind Flay/Blast, and that just doesn’t work. My brain needs that visual cue that I’m casting the right spell at the right time, and I can’t do that with a keyboard. Tanking? Forget it. I can’t make my right hand and my left hand work together harmoniously to move my character and cast spells well enough to pick up and hold stuff.

So what’s left? Healing. I’ve always enjoyed healing, from the moment I tried it as a level 15 druid in Ragefire Chasm back in the day. I know that it was a combination of gear, my knowledge and experience and everyone else’s knowledge and experience, but I spent the last six months of Wrath healing 5-mans exclusively, and I was pretty good at it. I even healed a few ICC runs on my druid, with moderate success.   With healing I can bind enough stuff to my mouse (and it’s the “right” way to do things) and teach myself those combinations, and it requires minimal coordination between my mouse fingers and what’s going on on my screen. I retired from healing after a murderous four-hour run through H Deadmines a couple weeks after Cataclysm dropped, and now I’m rethinking that.

I rediscovered my love of–and talent for–healing on one of my baby shaman as Rush and Suz and I grouped up and started tearing through old vanilla dungeons. The accessibility of relatively decent gear in 4.2 and everyone’s relative familiarity with the new dungeons is pushing me to reconsider healing endgame 5-mans and heroics on my druid, and I may even give it a whirl on my priest. I spent a couple days bringing myself back up to speed on resto druid healing (seriously, Keeva’s restodruid.info is the best thing since sliced bread), set up some relevant Power Auras, redid all my mouse bindings, reforged all my gear from balance to healing, and now I think I may be ready to rock. I’m going to see if I can get guildies to go with me on a regular Cataclysm dungeon run this weekend to see how it goes.

So that’s what I’m up to. Paladin tanking is so much fun I can’t even stand it and I will always love my shadow priest (despite the across-the-board 12% damage nerf, fuckyouverymuchblizz), but for now healing is where I need to be.



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