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My favorite parts of 4.2 June 30, 2011

Posted by Ben in General Whinging.

Every other blog has 4.2 recap/rehash/praise/bitch posts, so I thought I’d weigh in.

1) The ability to rearrange my characters on the selection screen.

This has been one of those features that the forums have called for since the game began. I’ve always thought it would be nice, but got really excited when it was going to actually happen. Being a rabid altoholic, I’ve been known to have my current main character floating near the bottom of the list. This is a small quality of life change, that was so much fun to play with.

2) The Dungeon Journal

Recently I’ve been running more heroic dungeons, but there are some that I’ve yet to do in heroic mode (oh, randomness), and some I’ve only done once, so something I can pull up that will show me the abilities of the bosses without having to tab out to WoWhead while running between trash packs…a godsend. I’ve not used it yet, but I can only imagine it will be so awesome. Especially when I finally get into the Zul instances in the coming weeks (hooray for 359 badge gear!)

And for some balance, one thing I don’t like…

Rogue stealth cooldown once again begins when leaving stealth

This complaint is totally minor. But having leveled my new rogue recently and getting used to immediately re-stealthing when accidentally hitting my stealth hotkey was something I’ll miss. Now I have to wait a whole…two seconds. (Have I mentioned that I love Subtlety?)

So how about you? What are you loving (or finding slightly annoying)?



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