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Being a Guild Master Is… August 31, 2011

Posted by Stormy in General Whinging, Guild Stuff.

Being a Guild Master Is…

–Lying awake at night thinking about what went right today and what didn’t so you can fix it tomorrow.

–Compulsively checking the guild website, guild vault and GuildFinder several times an hour, just in case.

–Doing Molten Front dailies every day even though you’re deathly sick of them, because it’s 300,000 guild XP and you can’t let your guild down by passing that up. Making an effort to have a toon in as many level brackets as you can so that when others want to do a dungeon run you can tag along and make it a guild run for the XP.

–Analyzing *every* activity you take part in in-game to make sure the guild is benefiting from it in some way. If there’s no direct benefit to the guild then you’re wasting your time and should go do something else. It’s spending an entire weekend grinding Cenarion Circle rep because it kills two birds with one stone: a personal goal you had for yourself and a new exalted rep your guild can count toward the United Nations achievement.

–Being annoyed with other people when they abandon useful things they used to do in favor of activities that have no benefit to the guild whatsoever. Questioning their commitment to something you worked unbelievably hard for and are unbelievably proud of because they’re wasting time being selfish and not contributing to everyone’s benefit and success.

–Spending an evening farming elementium ore in Uldum when you’d rather be doing something else. No one else will do it, but they’ll complain if the guild vault doesn’t have any inferno rubies.

–Grinding every profession and every rep so you can buy every recipe, so that when someone in the guild needs a [Ring of the Thankless Task] you have the pattern and the mats are in the guild vault.

–Spending an entire afternoon sick to your stomach because someone you liked and valued made the decision to stop playing WoW after seven years and left your guild earlier in the day. Feeling like a personal failure because, despite the fact that seven years is a long time to engage in any activity and people move on, your guild couldn’t provide enough opportunities to keep that person entertained well enough to stay around.

–Wondering what that person’s departure is going to do to the social dynamic of your guild because they were online all the time and left behind a giant hole that won’t be filled anytime soon. Laying awake at night thinking about it. Trying your damnedest to keep a thread of conversation going in guild chat despite crippling social anxiety because it keeps people entertained and keeps people around.

–Trusting a gut feeling and trusting a new and unproven guildie to take on administrative tasks others promised to do and then promptly forgot about.

–Writing ridiculous posts on a blog as frequently as possible because it’s an outlet for frustration.



1. anon - September 2, 2011

Yeah, guildmastering is hard, especially when people are deliberately misunderstanding things and fostering discontent rather than coming to you with their issues and objections.

2. red cow - September 7, 2011

It seems like you have a great personality and a good guildleadering idea, even if it isn’t always so rewarding. I totally respect what you are doing with your guild. Good luck 🙂

3. The Pink Pally - September 8, 2011

This is an awesome post and you’re a wonderful guild leader! Seriously. You’ve fostered a great guild environment and I thoroughly enjoy the time I get to spend in the Asylum. =)

4. Saz - September 8, 2011

All of this is so very true. The stressing over the little things, the constantly second guessing yourself if you made the right decision, the trying to diffuse the random bickering that will occur no matter how “no drama” your environment may or may not be…being a guild master is very much a labor of love.

It’s been some time now since I’ve personally been a guild master, and while I remember all too vividly how much it made me want to pull my hair out and scream from the stress of it, I miss it a lot. I miss obsessively nurturing a community, I miss being able to do something about those who treated others unfairly instead of just having to wait for someone else to deal with it, I miss being guild mom.

Excellent post. It reminded me of the things I loved and miss (or don’t in some cases) about being a guild master.

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