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Paralyzed by Options September 10, 2011

Posted by Ben in General Whinging, Leveling, Sweating Bullet Points.

Note from Rush: After an absence of weeks, I’ve now written three times this week. Are you sick of me yet?

My character selection screen intimidates me recently.

  • Priest – working on Loremaster
  • Resto/Ele Shaman – best geared of my toons
  • Hunter – finishing up Molten Front, PVP
  • Enh Shaman – next into the Molten Front progression
  • Resto/Boom Druid – stalled at 84
  • Warlock – stalled at 84
  • Mage – questing in Outland
  • Paladin – leveling as tank in DF with Stormy’s healer
  • Rogue – leveling in Badlands currently
  • Feral Druid – leveling in Barrens currently

So my problem is that I’ve got too many choices. Obviously when I just have a small amount of time to play the choice is clear: Dailies. But as soon as I have a long stretch of time, I become indecisive, and since I don’t raid I find that gear progression only holds my interest if I like the appearance of the gear I’m working towards.

I’d like to get my Paladin to 85 sooner than later so that I can be a tank for guild runs, but I’m at that point of Outland where I’m running the same 3-4 dungeons ad nauseum, and if I have to do another Ramparts run, my eyes might actually bleed.

My Fire mage is alot of fun, but I’ve done Nagrand and Blade’s Edge so many times that it sucks the fun out of anything, but I am really excited to get her to Netherstorm (my favorite of the Outland zones).

I’m in love with the look of the Agi/Stam mail head/shoulders from the Zul’roics (and really the Stam/int is pretty cool too), but my Enh Shaman is only at ilvl 341 so he can’t get into those without running other heroics, and I dread another fail run of Stonecore or Grim Batol.

See the problem? For everything I want to do there’s some immediate hurdle to getting to what I want. I know that if I just knuckle down (like when I pushed the tank through the point in the DF with the endless runs of BRD), I can clear the hurdle and move on. So now I just need to pick a hurdle to clear.



1. Askevar - September 10, 2011

With as many toons as I have – leveled and leveling, I find myself with a lot of options too… too many. Right now I’ve been achievementing on my main but I also made a list of my alts and prioritized them. Looking at the list and what I want to accomplish makes it easier for me to decide [just in a notepad file]. It helps me decide what I’m in the mood to play.

But I do totally sympathize!

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