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The Seeker September 11, 2011

Posted by Ben in Achievements.

It turned out to be rather anti-climactic really. I finished questing through the Eastern Plaguelands and was at 2998/3000. I saw that I had the quest “CLUCK!” in my quest log, and thought that’d be a fun quest to be my 3000th. So I flew back to Tirisfal Glades and sought out an easy kill quest to be 2999, and then flew to Brill. Buying the chicken feed I set off in search of a chicken. Strutting around like an idiot, I finally got the critter to acknowledge me, and with tremendous fanfare…nothing happened. Turns out that quest doesn’t count towards the achievement (which in hindsight makes sense, I suppose). Slightly embarrassed, I found the nearest quest hub and picked up “Reaping the Reapers”, and killed off 10 helpless farmers. And that’s how I became “Elrush the Seeker.”




1. Fuzzy_Magicz - September 11, 2011

Nice shiny new website design 😛
And congratz!

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