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Four Point Three September 19, 2011

Posted by Stormy in Moar Ranting.

Note: I know I said I was writing a set of posts on class feedback. I am. I might. I…well, I don’t know anymore. There may not be a reason for me to write one anymore, given today’s events. In any event, we interrupt that series to bring you a post on today’s current events.

So today was the big day, advertised by Blizzard Community Manager Extraordinaire Zarhym: the day the trickle of information about Patch 4.3 became a gushing firehose. I have a tendency to read all the comments and inevitable QQ on the forums and WoW Insider skeptically. No, the world will not end. No, it will not be as bad as you think it will be. Stop threatening to cancel your subscription, you whiner! But today I can actually say that for the first time in the 25 months I’ve been playing I have actually considered cancelling my subscription.

It started this morning with the announcement about epic gems. I read that and it started my Monday off leaving me absolutely fuming. To be told that my druid and priest’s professions, mining and jewelcrafting, are now utterly useless because an entire tier of gems will be available only to raiders was an absolute kick in the stomach. This shuts off two entire zones of the Warcraft server economy and means that after months of leveling the characters and professions and years of being able to provide materials and gem cuts to my friends, guild and server, I have two worthless profession slots on my characters. It also means that the 90 tokens currently hanging out in my druid’s bags, being saved for 4.3, are worthless. Greg Street made a reference in the TankSpot interview to this maybe still being under consideration. Keep considering, guys, because this sucks.

I logged into the game and we talked a little about the news, and the conversation turned to the RaidFinder. One of my guildies expressed frustration with the kind of folks who populate the DungeonFinder and will inevitably populate the RaidFinder, and said that was why she stuck to leveling an army of alts and Loremasters as her in-game activity. Then it hit me: my priest, my main, hasn’t left Northrend in two weeks except for a couple excursions to Outland. The reason I feel comfortable pursuing Loremaster on my priest and grinding out-of-the-way reputation grinds (I finished the Oracles this morning and have about three days left on the Kalu’ak) is because I am literally finished with all of the things Cataclysm has to offer for non-raiders. I am exalted with all six of the available Cataclysm factions except Avengers of Hyjal. I have completed the Molten Front and Tol Barad grinds. When it comes to available Cataclysm content that isn’t raiding, I am done. Complete. Finished. Did it all.

So  I went to work in a miserable mood. It was Monday, it was raining, and Blizzard was raining on my parade. So tonight I get home to the news that Tier 13 gear will not be available to anyone without raiding…period. All of the T13 gear will be available with tokens that drop in raids…period. If I didn’t have a guild depending on me to be their guild master and two other friends I love dearly to whom my sole connection is WoW and that I’d lose if it weren’t for WoW, I would be cancelling my subscription right now.

Gems will not be available to non-raiders. There is no new non-raid content in 4.3. Blizzard is instituting a new system as an avenue for people without a standing guild raid spot to get into easymode raids. And now you’re telling me I can’t even get gear unless I raid. That all adds up to one very, very loud message coming from Irvine today: World of Warcraft is now officially a raiding game. All of the content, gear, and things to do are directly related to raiding. We are listening to one audience: raiders. Be a hardcore raider or get the fuck out.

I may re-examine things when Mists of Pandaria* comes out. I’ve toyed with the idea of doing a serious recruiting push and gathering up as many free agent raiders as I can that agree with my guild’s ethos and possibly getting a raiding game off the ground for Sane Asylum when the new expansion comes out and everyone’s reshuffling. I’ve toyed with the idea of passing my guild master responsibilities to someone else and finding a raiding home for my priest in the new expansion. I have a feeling those kinds of opportunities are going to be few and far between given my nausea-inducing distaste for the way raiding guilds are run and the vast majority of raiders. [If I am expected to show up at a certain time three nights a week and spend a certain amount of hours under the direction of a supervisor, who will then go over the logs of my performance the next day and point out my flaws, if I am expected to show up every day with a wealth of knowledge about my class and our raid encounters and be absolutely perfect all the time and be subject to consistent verbal abuse from others who don’t understand the fact that gender/sexual orientation/religion/etc. are none of their business and that when interacting with other adults you should conduct yourself accordingly…well, that’s a job and you’d better be prepared to compete with my current employer’s salary and benefits.]

Until then, I will pursue Loremaster and the Exalted title per my original plan and see how things shake out. Until then, I can’t help but wonder, in the words of the inimitable Ratshag: do the Crab even play WoW?

*I’m hoping if I refer to the new expansion as Mists of Pandaria enough, it’ll become a self-fulfilling prophecy.



1. Sagaga - September 20, 2011

I can understand your frustrations, they’re making quite a few changes in this last tier.

I wouldn’t say though that it’s only for hardcore raiders, however I agree that it’s definitely for raiders. I’m not hardcore, but I raid – and so I will eventually (albeit slower) get the gear.

Except for the three 5 man Heroics the only new things really are raids. Whether it be raiding as a guild or via the new Looking For Raid feature. Judging from how difficult ZA and ZQ were when they launched, and still are if the party isn’t good.. can you imagine have 25 random people instead of 5? I do wonder how “good” the LFR feature really will be..

About finding a raiding guild btw, not all of them have to have rules and regulations you don’t agree with/feel comfortable with. But it does take some time to find one that you like (unless you want to change your own, which I can understand if you don’t want to). My alliance guild expects people to show up, while the horde guild I’m a member of have no requirements on attendance and only raids twice a week.

What you probably want is a guild similar to that. It’s relaxed and laid back with a bunch of people who like to play together. People raid when they can and want to (several of them have families and/or children), and still manage to do okay.

I hope that things work out for you. There are definitely things I want Blizzard to reconsider though about this new patch.

I personally am really unhappy about the gem change, because my main is a Jewelcrafter as well, and will have a bunch of useless tokens as well. I’m also unhappy about them going for a class specific legendary. Something they said they never would do. I think a legendary should be for at least 2-3 classes, not just a single one.

2. Saga - September 20, 2011

Oops.. obviously my name is Saga and not Sagaga *lol* Not sure what happened there 😉

3. Fuzzy_Magicz - September 20, 2011

WoW’s been a raiding game for a long time now. 4.3 is just the final blow to non-raiders who enjoy PvE content.


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