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Loremaster Update October 3, 2011

Posted by Ben in Achievements, Zones.

Sunday afternoon I completed the “Loremaster of Outland” meta-achievement.

It was terrible.

It started out fairly benign. I had a handful of group quests to finish in Hellfire, Zangarmarsh and Terokkar. Epic flying and out-leveling the quests by 20+ levels made short work of those zones. Nagrand presented a smaller challege, just a detour into the Auchenai Crypts (soloed on Heroic mode for the achi) to complete the quest chain that leads to Thrall’s arrival at Garadar (a hilarious bit of discontinuity now). But it left me two quests short of the achievement because the remaining quests were from a chain that starts in Shadowmoon Valley.

Blade’s Edge Mountains was a small nightmare. First, the quest chain that unlocks Orgi’la. Not difficult so much as requiring flying long distances to kill a single npc. Then Ogri’la and farming Apexis shards. I’m no fan of farming in general, but farming for drops when you spend more time running to the corpse than casting the spell that kills it? It just about killed me.

Netherstorm was long. There was far less traveling to the far flung corners of Draenor, but 120 quests is no small feat. It was nice to see the conclusion of some quest chains that I’ve not ever seen, and it is genuinely one of the more interesting zones in the BC world.

Shadowmoon Valley was surprisingly less annoying than I’d feared. The quests are very decentralized, and after the “questing on rails” style that Blizz has gotten us used to in Wrath and Cata, and I felt a little flustered at first. When it sent me back to Nagrand to talk to Altruis who then sent me to kill npcs in Shadowmoon, Zangarmarsh and Netherstorm I was cursing the endless flight paths I was stuck on. Then it was time for the Netherwing dragons for my final 10 quests. And in less than 10 minutes I was done.

What’s next?

  • “Icecrown: The Final Goal”
  • “Coming Down the Mountain”
  • the entire “Loremaster of Kalimdor” meta-achievement


1. Stormy - October 3, 2011

While I agree with you that I’m glad Blizz has done away with the Fed-Ex quest-type of old, I continue to feel that the questing-on-rails option is less fun and takes all the mystery and wonder out of Azeroth. I’ve got a blogpost brewing in my head about the hidden gems and cool stuff lurking in the shadows of Outland and Northrend and how none of that exists in New Azeroth, and frankly I think it’s taken a lot of depth out of the world. You see exactly the same 50 quests in a zone in exactly the same order from exactly the same places an factions every single time, and it begins to feel like “Oh, I’ve seen this movie before.” With the older questing model I could poke around different parts of the world every time I leveled and theoretically never see the same content twice.

Rush - October 4, 2011

True. There is a level of exploration and discovery missing. But what I don’t miss is the “on the beaten path” quests that sent me on long stretches of travel. I appreciated the lore aspects of quests that sent me talking to multiple npcs within a capitol city, but being sent from one out of the way corner to some other out of the way corner of the world? Spending 5-10 minutes on a flight path isn’t fun.

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