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*MY* Loremaster update October 4, 2011

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Dueling bloggers, dueling Loremaster updates…will there be a throwdown? A deathmatch? An epic battle with 1H maces and spellpower shields? Nah…just coffee, breakfast and dailies like we do every day.

Down the page a bit you’ll see Rush’s Loremaster update from the past weekend. It’s my turn! I’m actually chasing two big meta-achievements on my priest, Loremaster and the Exalted title. Although I get plenty of playtime in on weekdays, I’ve sort of set Sundays aside as my day to make progress on the big achievements, and I had a fairly productive weekend.

Saturday evening I had a “duh” moment and realized something about the grindy Sporeggar quest “Now That We’re Still Friends.” It’s repeatable, and not a daily. Goodbye, grinding for bog lord tendrils and glowcaps, hello to a half-hour of running back and forth between Sporeggar and the Naga metropolis in Zangarmarsh. My priest is now Tormenta, Czarina of Sporeggar, and as an added bonus I got the achievement for 25 Exalted Reputations. I also got the Mysteries of the  Marsh achievement earlier in the week, so I may never have to visit Zangarmarsh ever again.

Earlier in the week something caught my eye with respect to the old Northrend reputation badges you can purchase with justice points and it dawned on me that in Wrath I never had any reason to do the Sons of Hodir grind on my priest, having done it on my hunter. Storm Peaks has always been one of my favorite zones in the game–and I hadn’t been there recently–so I flew over to K3. A few hours later I’d completed The Summit of Storm Peaks and had done a bunch of quests I’d never seen before (particularly the quests at Valkyrion), and was part-way through Revered with Sons of Hodir. A few hundred justice points later I had exalted reputation number 26: Sons of Hodir…and I didn’t have to do any helm-polishing.

I pulled up my map and my reputation bars and looked around. What else could I get done? I only had about 20 quests left in Howling Fjord, so off I went. I finished up the last few quests at Giants’ Run and around Utgarde Keep, did the wolf disguise quest line, and chalked up another Northrend achievement.

That left me with a couple hours left in my lazy Sunday, but rather than taking Rush’s very methodical approach to Loremaster and finishing off a continent, I decided to go back to a zone I haven’t seen in a year and a half: Dustwallow Marsh. I now have a new least favorite zone in the game. I have my game view set fairly far back from my character mostly for raiding/heroics purposes, and when combined with the low-hanging foliage in Dustwallow I spent half my time flying blind. The quest at the zeppelin crash where you have to melt oozes with the electricity left from the crashed zeppelin’s power core is now my new least favorite quest in all of Azeroth. Still, I stuck it out and was able to knock out one more zone in Kalimdor.



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