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Alterac Valley October 15, 2011

Posted by Ben in PvP.

I remember when Alterac Valley was epic. Not quite so far back as when the battles lasted 24 hours, but at least as far back as when they’d last 1-2 hours. When strategy and a good defense was important. This week I’ve gotten a small taste of that again with two resource victories in that frozen battleground.

The first one happened quite by accident. Almost the entire group had raced off for the Alliance stronghold, and in the Field of Strife we watched the other side race by us. When our inital surge was pushed back and we hadn’t captured a single graveyard and lost the one at Iceblood, our entire force was back at the beginning. But somehow the alliance hadn’t been able push deeper than the Frostwolf Graveyard where we’d all resurrected. What followed was crush of group PvP at the base of Tower Point as the Horde held the line and thanks to many fine healers watched the Alliance resource count drop at twice the speed of our own. I chuckled when one member of the group complained, “Aren’t we going to try and win this thing?” to which many responded, “What do you mean? This is AWESOME!”

The second attempt started with a member of the raid making an interesting claim. “The Horde can never win a zerg, but we can always outlast them.” A group still attempted the zerg, but half the group hung back in the lower half of the map. A force defended Captain Galvangar (who survived to the end of the battleground unlike his counterpart), and the rest of us defended and re-capped towers. The line didn’t hold as well, but at one point a good portion of the players were fighting it out in the Field of Strife.

I’m hoping to have some more great experiences in battlegrounds this weekend. And I hope some of them are as entertaining as these.



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