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Thanks November 24, 2011

Posted by Stormy in Personal.

It’s Thanksgiving Day here in the States. I’ve had far too much ham (don’t ask) and Mormon funeral potatoes, and I’m contemplating a piece of pumpkin pie if the food coma holds off long enough. It’s late, it’s dark, and consequently I’m feeling sappy. I read about the BlogAzeroth Thanksgiving post competition last week, and although I thought it was a good idea, I wasn’t going to participate. Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that a couple weeks ago the domain registration stuff for the Wall came up for renewal, and I almost didn’t renew it. In hindsight, I’m thankful I did.

Other random things I’m thankful for (and yes, as dangerous as it may be, I’m naming names):

–I’m thankful for the WoW blog community as a whole. I’m thankful for people who challenge me intellectually, make me laugh, make me cringe, make me think, and most importantly, let me read all about their amazing adventures. I stand in awe of so many WoW bloggers every day, and every day I ravenously gobble up my feed reader looking for the best you guys have to offer. I’m particularly grateful to Alas, the first rockstar WoW blogger who gave me a shout-out and put me on her blogroll. I also need to mention Ratshag, who consistently cracks me up and proved through the Corpsegrinder fracas that he’s truly a stand-up orc. And then there’s Jasyla, whom I worship as a goddess.

–I’m thankful for Hugh, Rebecca and Johnnie at MMO Melting Pot, who have done more to send readers our way than I ever could have dreamed. I’m particularly thankful for Hugh staying up ’til God-knows-how-late during BlizzCon to capture and post all the new talent changes, just a small glimmer of how dedicated these guys are.

–I’m thankful for the WoW Twitter community. Sometimes the fun stuff I read on Twitter is the only thing keeping me from completely bouncing off the walls and falling into Whackadoo-Land. I’m beyond over-the-moon thankful for the Gnome Clones project and all the amazing people I’ve met there who have breathed new life into a game that was honestly losing it’s luster. Oma and Opa, Bonez, Alas and At, Narci, Fannon, Amber, Angelya and everyone else, you’re the best.

–Speaking of Twitter folk, I’m particularly thankful for two tweeps who, in hindsight, taught me a very important lesson: “Shut the hell up and listen. You’re not right about everything, you know. Jeez.” Rades and Buglamp, I was an ass, I’m sorry, and I don’t deserve to spitshine your shoes, guys.

–I’m thankful for the folks of <Amicus Fidelis>, currently providing a lovely and hospitable home to a wayward discipline priest as she fights the various evils of Northrend. Faithful friends, indeed. This morning I stumbled into a conversation between Fynralyl, Psynister, Narci and Cynwise, and in three minutes I saw a perfect reflection of what WoW is all about: four friends gathered around the computer screen on Thanksgiving morning having a good time, not because the game is perfect or because it’s the latest and greatest MMO, but because they’ve been friends forever and will be friends forever. I feel it’s necessary to extend a special shout-out to Cyn, who, although he’s only a few years older than I am, is the walking embodiment of an Elder Statesman: classy, humble, insanely knowledgeable, and fiercely loyal.

–And finally, I’m thankful for the folks of <Sane Asylum> of Garrosh. To Charr, for being one of the few genuinely nice people on the Interwebs. To Caela, who crawled out of the Twitter machine to become a dear friend. To our old GM, without whom the Asylum would not exist. But most of all, to my intrepid officer crew, Rush and Suzanne…who, incidentally, also crawled out of the Twitter machine to become dear friends. I love you guys.

And thus ends another lame and sappy Hamsgiving. But when I’m done writing I’ll be logging into WoW, and I’m probably going to run into at least one of the amazing people listed here…so it was worth it, yes?



1. Cynwise - November 24, 2011

“Elder Statesman” sounds SO much better than “Grumpy Old Fart.” I’ll take it! 😛

In all seriousness, thank you very much, Stormy. It’s great having you gnoming it up on Durotan – it means a lot to me that folks are having so much fun with the Gnome Clones.

Have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

2. Rades (@_Rades) - November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! (Canadian here so I already had mine, but nonetheless ;D) And really, what are blogs for but great avenues for discussion and debate? 🙂

3. kissmyalas - November 25, 2011

“rockstar blogger” haaaaaaaa. I’m no one. The two dudes afore me are the real rockstars. But thanks for the shout outs and the love! I has mushy now. Like those questionable peas that were served with my Thanksgiving dinner. 😀

Also… “Mormon funeral potatoes”? don’t tell me you’re in Utah too and didn’t tell me before this. >.>

Stormy - November 25, 2011

Utah? Nah. Two timezones away over in the Dirty Mitten. I was just looking for alternatives to scalloped potatoes, and apparently this recipe was known far and wide as Mormon Funeral Potatoes.

Word to the wise: don’t eat them without first consulting your cardiologist.

4. Jasyla - November 25, 2011

Thanks Stormy, that’s quite the compliment. You made me blush. 🙂

I’m glad I’m not the only one spilling sappy all over the internet.

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