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2011 End of Year Review December 29, 2011

Posted by Stormy in Achievements, Guild Stuff, Personal.

Ahhh, the end of December, that magical time of year when employees of every company on Earth check out for the holidays, and every newspaper, magazine and TV news show compensate by filling their empty pages with “The Best of 2011”, “The Top Ten ____ of 2011” and such. The lovely and talented Anexxia of Bible of Dreams has challenged the rest of us to complete a Year End Review, and I thought it was a nice idea, so here goes nothing…

1. What were you most excited about this past year?

This year has definitely been all about the “Ooooh shiny! *play* OK, now I’m bored.” In retrospect this year’s been a series of huge ups and downs, with lots of new and shiny things to be excited about that quickly lost their luster and became a snoozefest. That said, I’m still totally geeked about Looking for Raid. Sure, it’s got a lot of the same pitfalls as LFD, but I get to actually step into a raid instance and kill raid bosses, and I think that’s the coolest thing Blizzard has done for the game in a long, long time.

2. What was the best thing you bought?

I can’t remember exactly when I bought it (and someone’s probably going to go back through my achievement history and find out that I bought it in 2010), but the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth is the best 16,000 gold I’ve ever spent, hands down. I don’t play the Auction House game and I mostly use my professions to benefit myself and my own toons rather than making money, so I don’t have a lot of the awesome luxury items others have, and I’d never dream of dropping 15-20-30,000 gold on a shiny new raiding weapon. Still, I use my Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth all the time. It’s so nice to be able to be in the middle of nowhere and have my bags full of vendor trash, and be able to just deal with it right then and there.

3. What would you like to have in 2012 that you lacked in 2011?

This is hard to write, but honestly I’d like a raiding gig. I’ve got some Real Life plans for 2012 and hopefully I’ll have the ability to have evenings free instead of being stuck at work until 9:00PM, and I’d like to be able to polish up my gear and get into the raiding game. LFR is great, but as others have noted, it’s not the most fulfilling thing in the world to be able to walk into a pre-made “raid” and kill four bosses in 45 minutes, collect loot, and leave.

4. What was your biggest achievement of the year?

I’m really proud of my guild. I took over the reins of the guild back in May after a meltdown, and although I’d like to see us grow and prosper and be able to field raid teams and whatnot, I’m glad that we’ve been able to maintain our soul. I miss several guildies who have disappeared into the ether, but the exciting stuff available in 4.3 means I’ve seen tons of long-lost guildies in the past month, and I’m totally geeked about that. I’m proud of the environment we’ve built, and I’m fully confident that although we’re small and scrappy, having a Sane Asylum guild tag over your toon’s head means something. God, that sounds sappy.

5. What was your biggest failure?

The Great Guild Meltdown of 2011 never should have happened. The ease and accessibility of raiding in late Wrath led me to a false understanding of what running a guild-that-raids is really like, and I went into Cataclysm with unreasonable expectations of how accessible we could make raiding in Sane Asylum, and a list of priorities that were important to me that were completely unreasonable in the face of the content available to us. I failed to understand that the first and most important job of a guild officer is to take the temperature of the guild and be responsive to what the guild wants and make that happen.

6. What do you wish you’d done less of?

I’m actually pretty content with the time I’ve spent in WoW in the last year. I wish I’d raided more, but I can’t really look back and say anything I did was either a) a waste of time, or b) counterproductive. Do I really need two 85 priests in the same faction on the same server? Of course not. But they’re both fun to play and provide me with enjoyment, so I’m satisfied with what I did.

7. What did you do in World of Warcraft in 2011 that you’d never done before?

Tank. One lazy Sunday several months ago I decided holy pally healing was too much to wrap my brain around, so I had this (rare) moment of boldness, strapped on a shield and headed into Scarlet Monastery. Several months later my tankadin is gathering dust because there’s something seriously wrong with her gear and/or spec and I can’t figure out what, but those few weeks that I spent tanking Scholomance, BRD, and Wrath instances was *fun*, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

8. What was your favorite new place that you visited?

I really love the Well of Eternity instance, particularly Queen Azshara’s court. The first time I ran the instance I just walked through it going “Wow! WOW!” Whatever quibbles I had about Cataclysm and particularly the lackluster 4.2 patch went out the window, and I was instantly reassured that Blizzard knew what they were doing and still knew how to amaze me.

9. What was your favorite WoW blog or podcast?

This question, frankly, is so not even fair. You want me to pick *one* WoW blog that I love? PREPOSTEROUS. Besides, I’m a notorious rulebreaker. I love Cynwise’s Field Notes for the degree of honesty and insight Cyn puts into every post. Any day Ratshag posts is automatically a good day. Ditto for Buglamp and Jasyla. I love-love-love the WoW Twitter community, too.

10. Tell us a valuable WoW lesson you learned in 2011.

YOU are responsible for your enjoyment of World of Warcraft. Not Blizzard Entertainment, not your guildies, not your friends, not the mouth-breathers in LFD/LFR. YOU are responsible for picking from the multitude of activities available to you and finding the ones that bring you the most joy. YOU are responsible for surrounding yourself with people you love to play with, and making the best game you possibly can. No one else is going to hand it to you.

And thus ends 2011. My New Year’s Resolution for 2012 is to blog more. We’ll see…



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