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Yet another 85. Almost. January 12, 2012

Posted by Ben in Classes, General Whinging, Leveling.

This weekend will probably include the final “Ding!” of my Tauren Tankadin. It’s a slog that I’m glad to see ending, but there have been some great times along the way. I only used heirlooms from 60-80 so that I’d be able to actually benefit from (and see) the gear that I collected in the low-level dungeons. And the Random Number Generator has been less than kind. When I reached level 80 and needed to meet an ilvl requirement to get into the Cataclysm dungeons, I discovered that I was still equipping a pair for trinkets from the Sunken Temple and Lower Blackrock Spire. I’ve run Stonecore and Vortex Pinnacle almost a dozen times each, and have received exactly ZERO drops. The tanking sword did drop once from the High Priestess, but I was out-rolled by the Warrior DPS.

But all of this won’t matter when I reach that final (for the moment) level. I’ve been levelling Blacksmithing as I went (my Mining is long left in the dust, and thankfully I have other characters to farm for me), and will have the ilvl 359 chest, belt and shield. My longtime lvl 85 priest and shaman have ceased needing JP yet again, and have used theirs to purchase the BOE 378 bracers and 359 boots. The tankadin himself will have enough JP to purchase the T12 legs and gloves, and I picked up the Gurubashi Punisher for a good price this morning. (Yes, I know, not an ideal tanking weapon, but beats the 289 I’m currently equipping, and as I said, the RNG has not been kind). Then there’s the “Thrall’s wedding” questline which will net me a ilvl 365 cloak, and once I unlock the Molten Front, there’s a pair of rings as well.

Why all this prep for level 85? Because I don’t want to be crushed under the Heroics. I think I’m doing a pretty good job at tanking, but I’m not sure I’ve been fully tested yet. Sometimes I see my health dip pretty low, and the PuG healers aren’t great (and by which I mean they don’t at all) about telling me if it was my fault or their own. Well, one of them did admit to having tabbed out of the game during a  series of trash pulls in which I repeatedly almost died. (Thank goodness for Lay on Hands) I see the “Oh, Sh*t!” buttons on my bar, and I try to practice using them, but here’s hoping that this slew of shiny new gear (freshly enchanted by my Spriest, and gemmed by Stormy) will keep me upright.

Also, it occurs to me that this will be my sixth character to max level (the largest number of max-level toons I’ve had at one time), but my Resto/Balance druid has been sitting at level 84 since last January. I just can’t bring myself to finish that little bit. Maybe it’s time to bite the bullet before Diablo 3 and the MoP beta…

Any advice for a paladin about to dive headfirst into heroics?



1. Glynnda - January 13, 2012

My advice – stick to nonheroics until you’re geared enough for the 3 new ones. The nonheroics net you justice points, and seem to attract a much more patient and intelligent crowd. Most people I run into when I do the older heroics seem to be cheating the gearing system and perpetually angry at one another.

I have a baby tankadin who I brought to ilvl 349 in an afternoon with some AH buys, and boy was that a mistake. I still had two green trinkets, and 333 weapon and legs, and the system decided it was happy with throwing me into endless Zul’agains.

Rush - January 13, 2012

That was my plan. My experience from trying to heal the old heroics vs the new heroics has been quite different, so I assume that tanking will be similar.

Stormy - January 14, 2012

I like that plan, and I plan on sticking to it for Rush’s pocket healer, my baby priest. I tried the same thing on my tankadin, but even then I repeatedly got yelled at by several pug healers for taking too much damage and being too hard to heal. I shelved the tankadin and haven’t really looked back at her, but now that the shoe’s on the other foot and I’m healing Cata normals on my baby priest I’m seeing that they’re a whole different ballgame from the snoozefest Wrath dungeons these healers are used to.

(BTW…hi! Thanks for stopping by.)

Rush - January 14, 2012

My current big trepidation is running Grim Batol, Lost City and HoO before I get to 85. Because those meanies hit hard. But I guess the damage will be my pokkit healer’s problem…Mwahaha.

Stormy - January 14, 2012

Grim Batol is actually my favorite dungeon to run on my tankadin. There’s not a whole lot of stupid tank tricks necessary or anything–it’s pretty straightforward.

I have zero trepidation about healing you through just about anything. Most PuG tanks, on the other hand, can get bent.

Anyway, Najira’s three bars from 85, but I wanted to wait. It just seems right that we both ding when we’re in a dungeon together.

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