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[beta] a few spriest notes March 22, 2012

Posted by Ben in Beta, Classes, Pandaria.

Got my first peek into the beta. Didn’t have time to do much and I’d copied my priest main over to “Lost Isles.” So I decided to see what was different.

Oh boy. Is it different.

Shadow Orbs – Now created by casting Mind Blast. And consumed by CASTING Shadowy Apparitions. One for each orb consumed. And mastery increases the chance that when your shadow clone hits the target, you get an orb back. This is going to be interesting,

Damage – This just might be an early beta bug, but my damage was INSANE. I’m talking about non-crit Mind Blasts of over 100,000.

Devouring Plague – Gone. Farewell, old(ish) friend. It was nice playing with you for two expansions.

Vampiric Embrace – Now a 15 second buff that heals you and your party for 50%. With a 3 minute cooldown.

As for talents, I couldn’t say yet. But I do appreciate that Silence and Psychic Horror are now baseline abilities rather than something you have to weigh the pros and cons of.

Also…um…having no add-ons is totally weird.



1. Stormy - March 23, 2012

100K Mind Blasts doesn’t seem all that outrageous. I regularly get crits in the 90-100K range in Cata LFR gear, so with the natural increases in a new expansion that’s to be expected. With all this talk about item squish, what no one’s acknowledging is that the leap in hit points and damage from Rash of the Itch King to Cata was unprecedented and extremely, extremely large. If they had followed the formula from previous expansions, tanks would be rocking 50-60,000HP right now instead of 200K+ and this discussion could have been delayed for a while. Why does a a moderately-geared spriest in Cata purpz have 140KHP? It’s bananas.

I’m not looking forward to having to re-learn a half-dozen classes. Well, the spriest is the only one I’m comfortable and solid enough in to feel like I’m re-learning from scratch.

Also, I know you and I disagree on the subject (because our specs are different–or at least they were the last time I checked), but if you’re running a spec without Silence right now UR DOIN IT RONG. I got so used to having a host of interrupts on my paladin that I absolutely cannot do without it on my spriest. I’m looking forward to having it on all three of my priests (assuming it’s a baseline priest ability and not restricted to shadow).

Rush - March 23, 2012

Maybe I just haven’t been paying much attention to the damage numbers on Mind Blast, I was just feeling like I was seeing ridiculously large numbers. (It could also be that my SCT makes the numbers that pop up smaller and semi-transparent as opposed to the default numbers which are quite large.) As for item squish, it didn’t happen. They said maybe in the next expansion, but they couldn’t make it work without us feeling gimped. Although I had anticipated that I’d be doing roughly the same damage at 85, not so much more.

And it looks from the official WoW talent/spec page, that Silence and Psychic Horror are both Shadow-only spells.

*edit* But upon further review, several spells are different from that page than on the beta servers…so…grains of salt.

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