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Standing around the Watercooler March 27, 2012

Posted by Ben in Beta, General Whinging, Pandaria, Raiding.

It’s always fun when Blizz releases one of the “Dev Watercooler” posts. It’s a great peek inside some of the more complicated development aspects of the game, and gives an opportunity for a detailed explanation that doesn’t exist in the standard Blue response.

Today’s was all about Loot in MoP:

New LFR loot system – I, for one, am appreciative of this change. Having been on more than one occaision pestered/bothered/slandered when I won a piece of loot that another person thought would be better for them…so much win. Add to that no longer looking with frustration at a raid group that is over half full of Paladins, Priests and Warlocks and realizing that you have to roll against that many other people for your token.

AoE Looting – This is already in the Beta. And it’s seamless. I haven’t seen it on a large scale, but in the situation where you accidently pull two mobs? Bam. Loot. I’ll admit to still trying to loot the other mob because I forget about the change, but when I was back on Live and trying to loot eight Converted Heroes in Icecrown while working on my paladin’s Crusader title…I sure missed it.

New Valor point system – The details on this were light, but to paraphrase the Locutus of Borg: “The System, as it has been, is over.” No longer will you purchase items with Valor, but instead small upgrades. I’m hoping this leads to less of a drive for Valor-capping, or maybe allows for a removing of a cap in some way. I know I’ve always felt a little discouraged when I was on a roll with dungeon runs, and suddenly I’m not getting the rewards any more.

What do you think about these announcements?



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