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Mists Beta Cheat Sheet April 24, 2012

Posted by Stormy in Beta.

The alternative title for this post is “Ten Things You Need To Know About The Mists Beta and Are Asking Too Damned Much in Trade Chat.” I’ve been hanging out in the Mists beta since late last week, and I keep seeing the same questions pop up over and over in Trade and General, but I thought instead of blowing a gasket about it I’d be nice and compile this quick little list for you. If you’re hanging out in the beta and would like to link this list to people instead of throwing something at them, more power to you! Feel free to sticky this in your guild forums, link to it on your blog, print out copies and give them to your grandma…whatever.

1. The “introductory quest line” that gets each faction from Orgrimmar/Stormwind to Pandaria is not yet implemented. For the time being you can access Pandaria by talking to the Portal Panda, who is conveniently located outside Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar or outside the Stormwind Auction House. If you’re Horde, click on “Wreck of the Sky-Shark.” If you’re Alliance, hit “Escape”, then “Log Out,” then click on the “Delete” button on your Character Selection Screen  and follow the prompts…then visit battle.net and log in, click on “Accounts,” then click on “Cancel Subscription.”

2. Portals are not broken. No, really, they’re not. They just require a Rune of Teleportation, available from any reagents vendor. You may wish to stock up on them. This is the same reagent mages use to create portals. It is unknown at this time whether this is a bug or a feature.

3. Addons do not work in beta at this time. No Recount, no Skada, no ElvUI (/cry), no Healbot.

4. Flight points were changed in Cataclysm so that you were automatically given all level-appropriate flight points without having to visit each FP first. This change has been reverted. Again, it’s unknown whether this is a bug or a feature, but given Blizzard’s insistence that they want us exploring the world again in Mists, I’m willing to bet it’s a feature.

5. Yes, the talent “trees” have changed. Again. Every fifteen levels you get to choose between three different talents, and each talent tier has a theme (mobility, PvP, self-healing, etc.) The vast majority of “increase damage done by X by X%” talents are gone. Permit me to channel Ghostcrawler for a second: there are no “right” or “wrong” talents. There are talents designed to augment different playstyles, but there are no “wrong” answers.

6. Secondary specs and re-speccing are currently unavailable. The only way to re-spec a high-level character is to re-spec the character back on the live realms and then re-transfer the character. Monk trainers are, for the most part, not yet implemented.

7. Some quests, particularly the quest to gather reeds in the Pandaren starting zone, are not working as intended. This is how a beta works. You are not playing a free preview of a finished game–you are playing a beta and stuff is likely broken or not yet implemented. There are also numerous typos in quest texts and various UI elements. This is life. If you want to be extra helpful you can go to the Beta forums and report various bugs and issues.

8. Right now only a couple of zones are open on Pandaria and the maximum level you can get your character to is 87. There is only one Pandaren dungeon implemented so far (Temple of the Jade Serpent) and there are no raids implemented so far.

9. Don’t buy glyphs on the Auction House. No, really. All glyphs are available from a Tauren vendor inside the Temple of the Jade Serpent for some pathetic sum like 40 silver. Don’t pay 500g for them on the AH, and don’t troll trade offering 500g to someone for making the glyph.

10. You can’t take it with you when you go. I have a feeling there are going to be thousands of extremely disappointed people when the Mists beta ends and they find out they can’t take their level 90 Pandaren monk and their 95,000g back to the live servers. When the beta ends, everything you’ve done in beta is wiped…gone…kaput.

Bonus #11 for monks only: Almost every time you kill a mob, you’ll see a shiny greyish globe appear next to the dead mob. This is a “chi sphere”. Run through it and you will regain one chi* for free. I’m only mentioning this because a) I didn’t know what they were until yesterday, and b) I see tons and tons of chi spheres just lying around unused, as they apparently don’t despawn very quickly.

*Also, to reiterate: it’s “chee.” Not “chai,” “ki,” “kee,” “shee” or anything else. It’s “chee”. There is no debate about this. Get in the habit of pronouncing it correctly now, because if you keep mispronouncing it I will laugh at you.



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