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In Reply to Stormy re: Account-wide May 30, 2012

Posted by Ben in Achievements, General Whinging.

Stormy posited earlier that “Account-wide achievements…run the risk of shrinking the world.” And in some ways I think he’s right, although I’m not sure that it’s as bad for the future of Warcraft as he fears.

I hate the wyvern model. It’s ugly. The Epic Swift speed version is even worse. But you have no choice but to use that mount until you get high enough to earn another through an achievement. (Or use the Winged Guardian/Tyrael’s Charger) Account-wide mounts solve this problem.

In a fit of guild-togetherness, I drag a rarely played alt into the Horseman event one October. Because the RNG is a cruel mistress, she gets the mount. Now, my main can use it. Flipside? Now I have X many more chances to get the mount every day. Think about it.

Yeah, maybe we see fewer people farming Anzu or Rivendare or Heroic Culling, but we also won’t have to grind Wyrmrest Accord just to get a Red Drake. (which leads me to…)

I wish account-wide were going further. Into the world of reputation. Granted that reputation gets easier each expansion, but getting Exalted with Therazane just for a shoulder enchant is monotonous. Let me have the credit for getting to Exalted across my characters. It will hardly be game-breaking since the gear never gets updated after the first tier. Maybe there are exceptions for Darkmoon Faire and the like that are intended to span multiple expansions, but for reps that are raised primarily through wearing a tabard, why punish me?

Since the future of the endgame is destined to be Dungeon & Raid Finder along with dailies, let me choose who I want to do these things with.



1. Khix - June 5, 2012

Maybe you can’t do account-wide reputations because reputation can apply towards a guild achievement, and you could have same account characters in different guilds? So then there would be a sort of double accounting going on?

I’m sure they could work it so that it wouldn’t cross apply back to guilds, but if they didn’t build it that way in the first place, they might not want to spend the time to go back and rework it.

Just thinking out loud

Ben - June 5, 2012

I hadn’t thought about the implication to guild achis.

Although since Blizz has announced the change to Head/Shoulder enchants, my primary argument is void.

2. Jan I. Cognito (@JanInCognito) - June 9, 2012

Therazane is just Blizz being lazy this expac, or not there yet with Panda.
About this time in WotLK life that Cata is in right now, the shoulder enchants, then provided by Sons of Hodir, became BoA one day in a minor patch.
Hodirs were even more PITA than Therazane, but then, the entire zone dropped those relics of ulduar you could turn in to them for reputation.
Just the opening quest line to get out of 36k hated with them took like, 4hrs to play through on a then-max character.
And they had less dailies if i recall correctly.
I actually miss the “common world drop item you can use for rep turn ins” mechanic, although this was just a “hack” to not dump so much cloth off from the game, as yet older mechanic was cloth turn in.
I feel all this is in fact taking something away from the game’s richness: for therazane, i can only quest the zone and then do dailies or wear tabard. Hodirs – let’s see: first questline, like therazane, but then world-drop (AH tradeable, so dropping gold on rep was viable, albeit incredibly expensive way to get that rep) item turn in, purchaseable rep badges (now jp/vp, then daily dungeon currency, so basically like a tabard), dailies… no tabard though.

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