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Random, Nonsensical Update Post June 23, 2012

Posted by Stormy in General Whinging, Sweating Bullet Points.

(Posting for the sake of posting so I feel somewhat productive!)

It’s been a while since I’ve done a bulleted post of random thoughts and perspectives. Here goes…

  • For the last several years my approach to hardware purchases has been to buy a series of cheap, underpowered laptops and then bellyache about how slow they were and how irritated I was. A few weeks ago, with the help and urging of some gamer friends, I decided to treat the purchase of a desktop as an investment and buy a decent gaming rig. Ladies and gentlemen, when you’re used to seeing Azeroth on Low settings at 10-15 fps, seeing the Nagrand sky on Ultra at 60 fps will blow. your. mind. I’ve always had problems in 25-man LFR runs to the point where my computer would slow to 1-2 fps and then just grind to a halt, but those days are gone. I did Ultraxion this past week on Ultra settings and never dropped below 35 fps. It’s also amazing what having a decently responsive computer will do for your DPS. I know it’s only LFR, but pulling 40K on Zonozz when your nearest competitor is pulling 25K is a lot of fun. I’m also impressed with the level of flexibility in designing a UI for a 23″ monitor instead of a dinky 15″ laptop screen.
  • In between Azerothian sightseeing expeditions I’ve been poking away at Diablo III, and I finally managed to finish my first playthrough on normal this past weekend. I’m downright shocked that people aren’t just as upset about the D3 ending as they were the Mass Effect 3 ending. “ZOMG Leah and Adria are in cahoots with Diablo! But let’s never speak of it again! Here, have a shiny monster.” OMGWTFBBQ. Beyond that, maybe it’s failure of expectations, but I expected the difficulty level of the bosses to increase as the game went on, and for Diablo to be the hardest boss of all. Belial absolutely kicked my ass, but I one-shotted Diablo and didn’t really think the fight was even challenging. Beyond that, I loved the storyline of Act I and the resurrection of Tyrael, and I thought the representation of Heaven was beyond beautiful.
  • I’m trying to get Loremaster completed before Mists of Pandaria drops. I have 23 quests to go in Netherstorm, about half of Blade’s Edge, four zones in Kalimdor and all of Vashj’ir to complete. I’m trying to force myself to finish 20-30 quests a day, but after a while setting that sort of expectation starts to feel like homework. I’m putting off Vashj’ir as long as I can–sweet Jesus I hate that zone. Still, I’m amazed at some of the things I’ve found that I never knew existed, in particular the Matthias Lehner quests in Icecrown.
  • I haven’t touched the MoP beta at all, despite all the whinging I did about not getting a beta key until the last minute. Given the level of burnout I’m feeling with Cataclysm questing, I have a feeling that if I work through all the MoP content in the beta by the time the expansion drops I’ll have no interest in logging in.


So that’s where I’m at. This weekend I’ll be dragging my intrepid officer crew into Slave Pens to beat up Ahune and take his scythe–I can’t pass up the free guild XP for five minutes of work. I’m going back to school (I start Thursday!) so I’m thinking my playtime will be limited for a while, but I’m doing the best I can to keep my head above water. What’s up in your world?



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