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The In-Between Time Continues… June 29, 2012

Posted by Ben in Achievements, Beta, General Whinging, Leveling, Pandaria.

Last weekend I completed Loremaster. I saved Icecrown for last, and enjoyed finally doing all the group quests (albeit soloed in a very overpowered way) for the first time.

But, now what?

I have two characters left to level on my main server. A fire mage at 83 and a subtlety rogue at 61 (and climbing with the ridiculous xp gains from the Fire Festival). But they are both in that space of doing quests I’ve done several times before and  I lose interest quickly.

I recently cleaned up the characters on my old home server. A cluster of Alliance toons that were largely abandoned when I moved to Garrosh to play alongside Stormy. I’d been slowly leveling my old Arcane mage to 85 to see the Cataclysm from the other side (I was disappointed that the only real zone of difference was Twilight Highlands), and I pushed through the last few bars earlier this week.

So now I’m just waiting for the expansion to hit. We’re at least two months away by the best estimates, which is plenty of time to accomplish something if I really put my mind to it.

I’m working my ‘Crusader’ back through all the Champion’s dailies at the Argent Tournament to increase my stable of mounts for the impending “Account-Wide” fun. But that only fills up about half an hour (or less, Chillmaw is such a pushover at ilvl 383.)

There’s little to be gained for me gear-wise by running the dungeon finder, and I don’t want to take yet another character through the agony of gearing up. Although with prodding I might make something happen so our guild can maybe push to lvl 25.

And the beta holds little excitement. Not because I’m not anxious to play in all the new zones, but I don’t want to be already bored of them by the time it drops. So I pop in from time to time to play around with tweaked spells, but that’s about it.

So what are you doing? Any suggestions for what I should work on? Achievements, titles, mounts, pets?



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