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Blizzard wants you to have fun July 19, 2012

Posted by Ben in Beta, Classes, Pandaria, Raiding.

How’s that for a controversial title? No? Well, anywhos…

It was revealed recently that the number of dailies available to be completed each day in Pandaria is going to be about 48. With the removal of the daily quest limit, that’s the potential for a fair bit of gold to be earned on a daily basis (and valor points)

But yesterday, someone took to the pages of WoW Insider to complain about this number. It turns out that they hate daily quests. And they think they’re going to be forced into doing them. In fact, because they award valor points, they’ll be forced into doing all of them. Every day.

And that’s not true.

Currently, you can get yourself to the cap of 1000 Valor Points in the following ways:

  • Complete up to 7 Random Dungeons a week (max 1,050 VP)
  • Complete each half of the LFR Dragon Soul (max 700 VP)
  • Kill bosses in Regular or Heroic raids (max 800 VP from DS)

If you were to do all of these things, you’d far exceed the weekly cap. In fact, you could exceed the cap without ever setting foot in the raids.

So in MoP, assuming that the cap remains the same, you’re just going to have an additional option to get to the maximum number of points.

Because Blizzard wants you to do the things at endgame that you enjoy. And they want to make those things a viable way to progress your character. Doing daily quests isn’t going to be the most efficient way to get more and better gear, that will always be reserved for organized non-LFR raiding, but that doesn’t mean it can’t help. Because Blizzard wants each and every one of the players who are paying $12-15/month to get enjoyment out of the game every time they log on. And for this more welcoming concept, I am grateful.

Because it means that when my stable of characters (9 that are level 83+) reach level 90, I’ll be able to set each of them on somewhat different tracks and perhaps stave off the ennui that can settle in when gearing up the next alt.

What I was doing/am doing now:

  • Priest: Dungeons & LFR
  • Paladin: Dungeons & LFR
  • Shaman: Dungeons & LFR
  • Hunter: Dungeons & LFR

I could do the following:

  • Priest: Dungeons & LFR for gear; Lorewalkers dailies (my max level Archy)
  • Paladin: Guild groups for Scenarios & Tank Dungeon Challenges
  • Shaman: Cooking/Fishing daily quests; Dungeons & LFR
  • Hunter: Daily quests and Scenarios

And that’s just four of the characters. No longer will my character select screen be a choice between doing the same thing with different classes, but I can potentially have significantly different things to do with each character.

And doesn’t include the Pet Battles that I’m pretty excited about.

Pandaria is going to be fun.



1. Stormy - July 19, 2012

Your post (and Olivia’s, for that matter) are missing a vital point: these dailies are now the *only* way to earn reputation with various factions, and just as in the early stages of Cataclysm, faction rep will be the only way to get your hands on pre-raid quality gear. In early Cataclysm every raid leader on the planet (rightfully) required their raiders to max faction reputations as quickly as possible to get their hands on this gear to be prepared to take on bosses. If you have any interest in raiding in Mists (even in LFR) you will be doing 48 dailies a day, every day, until you have the best faction gear available.

Ben - July 19, 2012

I think that’s a lousy argument. People raided successfully in Cataclysm long before maxing out the reputation with the various factions. And in MoP, the gear rewards for level 90 start to become available at Honored last I checked, with Exalted reserved for Vanity items like mounts and tabards.
And not all 48 daily quests are a part of factions that reward gear. Some are focused on Cooking or Fishing or Archeology.

2. Matticus - July 20, 2012

That is absolutely 100% a crappy argument. Granted, faction rep (and access to faction gear) is the cost-effective route (in terms of gold spent), it’s not the only way to do it. You can still craft stuff. You can still purchase it from the AH. You can still run your heroics and dungeons. You can still spend valor points. Hell, if you want, you can use partial PvP gear and not get completely penalized for it.

Grinding faction rep used to be the _fastest_ way. Now it’s not.

Not only that, faction rep isn’t as important anymore since helm and shoulder enchants are no longer purchasable from vendors. I believe it’s just scribes that can produce shoulder enchants only.

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