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Main Change August 22, 2012

Posted by Ben in Classes, Leveling, Pandaria.

Burning Crusade? Rogue.

Wrath of the Lich King? Druid.

Cataclysm? Priest.

Each expansion has seen me with a different main character. Changes to leveling (and elimination of deadzones) allowed me to level several classes to max level in Burning Crusade, and I discovered a love for a new class by the time Arthas attacked. A server change to join a Horde guild made the Blood Elf priest I’d leveled as a side project and grown to enjoy a more economical option. And I stormed the gates of Icecrown in Shadowform. Now as Deathwing’s sparkly death fades into memory, I find myself shifting again.

Up until a few weeks ago, I’d intended for the Priest to be the first to make landfall in Pandaria. He’s an Enchanter and a Jewelcrafter, and those are two things the rest of my stable will need. Another character was sure to follow quickly on the heels, because well, our little gang was going to need some support roles, and I have just never been fond of priest healing (not that I can honestly given it a real chance). But then Stormy and I were chatting, and he reminded me that what fun it was to be slogging through Deepholm for the third time in the first month of the expansion, and I remembered by my formerly Primary Alt (the Druid who was my main at the start of wrath who’d had an unfortunate accident with some Gnomish technology and become a Tauren) didn’t reach level 85 until a few months ago. Okay, part of it was that I didn’t enjoy Balance’s Eclipse style in solo play, and was too afraid to attempt healing, but mostly it was because somewhere in the middle of Uldum, I just couldn’t force myself to do another quest. Even now, other alts that land in Deepholm or Uldum find their leveling speed drop significantly. So, I’ve decided that my main has to change again.

Mists of Pandaria? Paladin.

I get to benefit from short queue times by leveling a tank first, and faster Holy Power generation will make questing as Ret less like watching paint dry (although I remember leveling as a DPS Holy paladin back in BC, and that was truly glacial). Plus as Mining/Blacksmith, he can split the ore between his own profession and the Priest’s jewelcrafting. And our intrepid triad of guildies won’t be all-cloth (Stormy’s a Priest and Suz a Warlock).

How about you? Is your MoP main going to be different from the one who started Cataclysm



1. Stormy - August 22, 2012

You have a main? When did that happen? Heck, do *I* have a main? Granted, I stack achievements on my priest and I’d rather play her than any of my other toons, but I’m looking at the same situation you are: I need a JC, a scribe, and an alchemist, which means leveling three toons other than my priest and leveling them fairly soon.

Ben - August 22, 2012

I’m hoping I’ll be able to use the AH to supply herbs for Alchemy and Inscription. Hoping. Gonna have to watch prices like a hawk.
We’ll see how [Spirit of Harmony] plays nicely with that idea.

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