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A Hero Emerges September 15, 2012

Posted by Ben in Pandaria, Uncategorized.

When I Stormy invited me to start writing for this blog, I had a vision of writing about the zones themselves and exploring their changes. One post that I wrote was of particular popularity (The Moral Quandary of Westfall) where I wrote a first-person perspective of questing through the zone and how the events left me feeling less than heroic.

I want to write more things like this as Mists of Pandaria unfolds. As my Tauren Paladin quests through zones, dungeons, scenarios and eventually raids, you’ll see his adventures reflected here, in addition to my own ramblings about game mechanics and such.

But without further ado, an introduction to our hero…


I miss being a youngling on the rolling plains of Mulgore. Standing on one of the towering bluffs of my people’s capital, I could see the village of the Bloodhoof clan nestled into a curve of the largest lake in the region. I remember learning to ride a kodo along the shoreline, racing my fellow paladin initiates, being scolded by our mentors for indulging our pride.

With a sigh, I look back down at the letter than had been delivered earlier that day. The aid that I’d been able to provide to Thrall and the Dragonflights against Deathwing had raised my profile considerably. But when the Maelstrom no longer threatened to rip the world apart, I only wished to return home.

Colonel Bullrushed Sunwalker,

The Horde has need of your service once again. We have received word of Alliance activities in Theramore that must not be allowed to continue. You are required to present yourself to the Warchief with all due haste.

Lok’tar Ogar!

General Lorak Stonejaw, 3rd Army of Orgrimmar

Shield and mace slung across my back I climbed the wyvern roost as the time for my departure neared. I was far more comfortable making the trip on a light-blessed kodo of my order, but the urgency of my summons would not allow that luxury. I summoned the strength of the Light to overcome my fear as I mounted the tamed creature.

As the city faded into the distance behind me I prayed for a smooth flight and that Lady Proudmoore’s reputation for peace and diplomacy wasn’t undeserved.



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