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Goodbye Deathwing, Hello Pandas September 18, 2012

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It’s Tuesday, September 18. The long-awaited Mists of Pandaria launch is a week away, so I figured it was time to really, truly put Cataclysm to bed and start thinking about what’s going to happen when Happy Funtime Panda Adventure Island opens next week. I’m done with Cataclysm. Like…so done. I’ve been done for months. I’ve actually spent most of the last few months finishing Loremaster and hanging out in Outland working on BC reps and titles, and I am so ready for something new to play with next week.

One of the cool things about the WoW blogger/Twitter community is the sense of closeness and connectedness we’ve been able to foster, and I think as WoW in general moves away from being just a video game to being a social network with a video game glued on top, this sense of community is really going to pay off. I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’m going to position myself and my playtime in preparation for Pandyland, and last Friday I asked my friend Nymphy if her guild would be willing to take on a stray shadow priest (okay that’s a lie–I was drawn in by the recruiting tentacle), and they said yes. I put in for the transfer, and three minutes after I logged into my new home-away-from-home on Azuremyst I was being dragged into Dragon Soul. A little over two hours later I had my Destroyer’s End title. Deathwing is dead by my hand now, and I can say I have finished out the story of Cataclysm.

Last night, my friend Tikari mentioned on Twitter that he was planning on pushing through some Cataclysm randoms to level a couple toons and he was looking for help. I piped up, and last night Tikari, Jasyla, Netraven and I grouped up to do a last tour of the Cataclysm dungeons. We facerolled Throne of the Tides and groused about the jellyfish elevator, steamrolled Blackrock Caverns and said goodbye to Corla, and just generally reminisced about the last two years of our WoW lives, and I had the most fun I’ve had in WoW in a while. After we finished our randoms, Tikari and Jasyla and I grouped up to do the new Theramore’s Fall scenario. I’ll spare you my thoughts on it, but Tzufit pretty much speaks for me on this.

Pushing through solo content by yourself is fun and gratifying to an extent, but WoW is a social activity meant to be enjoyed in groups, and I’ve immensely enjoyed these two opportunities to get together with other people and kill some dragons. With the advent of BattleTags and cross-server grouping I hope I’m going to see more and more of this throughout Mists, and I’m even leveling a couple of Alliance toons in preparation for some possible shenanigans with Alliance friends. Let’s be honest: Cataclysm was largely a swing-and-a-miss for Blizzard, but very little of that matters when you’re hanging out in Mumble with a bunch of people you really like.

So long, Deathwing. Goodbye, Twilight’s Hammer. Arrivederci, Cho’gall. Bye-bye, Asira Dawnslayer. The Cataclysm is over. Azeroth is changed forever, and I suppose I am too. I got a little giddy the other day as I was flying around Stormwind and saw that there’s a pagoda and a bunch of turtles over by the Eastern Earthshrine. New adventures await us in Pandaria, and I’m all kinds of excited.





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