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Rush’s First Impressions September 27, 2012

Posted by Ben in Pandaria.

Quick Post!

  1. Holy Multiple Profession Skill Points Per craft, Batman! – I’ve already leveled Blacksmithing into the 560s range and I’m not done with Jade Forest yet! The only downside is the severe lack of items to use as disenchant fodder.
  2. Gorgeous Vistas! – I played through the original Alliance quest line in the beta, so I knew the zone was gorgeous, but if it’s possible the northern part of the zone where the Horde lands is even more spectacular. It’s also great to see Blizzard return to crafting zones in a way that allows for the little subregions to be defined by hills or forests
  3. Quests – I thought the introductory chain with the assault on Thunder Hold was great. I was playing it Tuesday evening, and while there were a good number of other players, there were plenty of Alliance to slaughter (although when I got to the Sha phase the dynamic respawn did get a little hairy).
  4. Gear Models – I’m loving the golden color of my paladin’s gear, and I was a little disappointed that the 2h mace and axe I was awarded early on were downgrades. Thank the Blizz for transmorgification! (Also helped hide the hideously clashing 397 belt that is stubbornly refusing to be upgraded)
  5. Being tied to the ground – Except for missing out on being able to easily get to mining nodes, I’ve hardly noticed that I can’t fly. Plus I’m finally getting to enjoy my Sunwalker Kodos (leveling through dungeons doesn’t lend itself to many opportunities to mount up).


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