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Tilled Soil October 10, 2012

Posted by Ben in General Whinging.

*stares at the dead horse*

I’m sorry. We’ve beaten you pretty hard.

*picks up a plank* *sets plank back down again*


I’m not jumping into the fray of “required” dailies. I’m too casual to care. And besides, I’m having too much fun with the potential of my farm. (and the Anglers and my golden Cloud Serpent)

I’ll admit that in the list of features for Pandaria, the Tillers wasn’t something I was that interested in. I’ve tried playing Farmville type games, and I just couldn’t get over the “wait X minutes” to harvest. If I have to wait, I need a way to augment the speed (like in The Sims or SimCity) or I need something else to do. So when a farm that I harvested once a day was announced, I was indifferent.

But now that I’ve got the farm half-open (with another section opening in the next day or two) and with the prospect of actually “farming” mats for professions. I’m super excited, and every day working through Tillers dailies to open up my farm. And I’ll probably have farms going on all of my maxed level toons eventually.

For two reasons:

  1. Motes/Spirits of Harmony

Anyone who has ever leveled Leatherworking knows what a pain that profession is. You have to pair it with Skinning, and is the only gathering profession that requires you to kill the node before looting it. And then usually only rewards one piece of leather (compared to the 2-9 Ore from various nodes) or even worse, scraps that have to be sewn together eventually. And while leveling, you’ll be killing things anyway, it becomes the worst kind of tedium when you’re at level cap.



1. Stormy - October 10, 2012

I think the biggest problem with the whole daily quest mess is that it’s so convoluted that you need a roadmap to figure out how it all works, and honestly I simply can’t be arsed to figure it all out. There is an Anglers quest hub in Townlong (or is it Dread Wastes?), but the quest markers are silver (i.e. you’ll be able to do these eventually if you unlock them by doing other quests) and I can’t/won’t figure out where those quests are. There’s something going on where you have to unlock Shado-Pan and some other faction by way of the Golden Lotus, and you can only unlock the Golden Lotus if you do a quest chain involving Anduin three zones back which requires a flying mount and oh fuck this I’m gonna go watch TV.

The Tillers thing is just bizarre. Oh, here’s a great way for you to level your cooking from 1-525, but really you can only level it from 1-520 unless you also have fishing at 525 (and really, if your cooking is at 1, are you the kind of person who has your fishing at 525?). Meanwhile, go figure out mats for six different cooking specializations, but we haven’t given you any extra bagsp…oh fuck this I’m gonna go watch TV.

Ben - October 10, 2012

Which Anduin quest requires a flying mount? I unlocked the Golden Lotus dailies no problem. You have to have the flying skill to start the chain in Vale of Eternal Blossoms, but that’s it. But yes, they could have made the “You have to do these dailies before you can do the others” more obvious.

2. aygaren - October 11, 2012

Like you, I’m enjoying the farming, it’s the first set of dailys each morning. My “route” takes me to the Cloud Serpents next, then the Angler’s. followed by the bug peoples in Dread Wastes and finally the Golden Lotus. A bit time consuming, but enough of a mix not to get weary or bored with the rep grinds.

Ben - October 11, 2012

My pattern has been mostly just Tillers->Anglers->Cloud Serpent so far. Sometimes I do Golden Lotus, and I haven’t ventured out to the Dread Wastes for dailies yet. The more “progression” oriented dailies frustrate me in having to play so defensively and spam Word of Glory to stay alive. (which I’m sure will become easier as I get better gear)

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