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Patience October 15, 2012

Posted by Ben in Uncategorized.

I decided yesterday that it was time to jump into Heroic 5-mans.  Since I only do “progression” dailies twice a week, this is going to be my primary means of getting better gear right now.

On the first spin of the wheel, I got Scarlet Halls. I’d done the level 30 version with my monk already, so I knew the basics of the fights, and this dungeon went fairly smoothly. At an avg item level of 446, I’m a bit squishy of a tank, but liberal use of Sacred Shield and Word of Glory along with a patient healer and we made it through. (Except for when I made a stupid mistake on New Herod and got caught in his Whirlwind, but he was almost dead anyway)

Feeling confident, I queued again. And got Shado-Pan Monastery.

I’ll admit that while doing ‘normals’ this was my least favorite of the dungeons. Trash mobs without loot tables and not readily obvious mechanics (like the cast-time invoking clicking of the dead panda being required to kill the associated mobs) made this dungeon often more frustrating than it was worth (especially once I’d reached level 90).

But we’d downed the first two bosses with little trouble. Then I committed Grave Tank Error #1. “Thou shalt be aware of your healer’s mana bar.” So we wiped on the second sha trash pack immediately following Master Snowdrift. The wipe was caused by caused by me committing Grave Tank Error #2 on the previous pull. “Don’t stand in the bad shit.” It turns out that something I didn’t learn on normal is that one of the sha trash mobs breath out this swirly black death that hurts pretty bad on heroic mode. And I was taking it right in the face and not moving out of the way. So my healer had to exhaust his mana to keep me alive, and then I took off for the next pack.

Wiping on trash is a pretty embarrassing thing for a tank. Or at least it is for me, so after we’d run back and rebuffed and then proceeded to wipe again on the same trash pack, I fully expected to watch the group fall apart. One of the DPS did leave, but after the healer asked my gear level, he continued to soldier on. I moved out of the bad and we continued on.

The Sha of Violence is fairly straightforward as a tank. Or so I thought. Hold aggro in the center of the room, and get it back quickly after Disorienting Smash. I also try to throw the occasional Judgment or Avenger’s Shield at the little shas to help kill them.

First attempt: Only one dpser was killing the little shas (my wonderful partner Suz) and the healer was swarmed. Other dpsers weren’t moving from the spikes. Wipe.

Second attempt: I tried to put more focus on killing little shas, but repeat of previous attempt.

Third attempt: Success. Mostly. The healer and one dps were dead on the floor, but so was the boss, so we collected the loot and moved on.

The rest of the dungeon went fairly smoothly, except for my rapidly fluctuating health bar. And please people, for the love of all that his holy (or whatever your healing spec might be called) stop standing on Taran’s the purple ring of death!

All this is a long, round about way of me figuring out that I need to invest the Spirits of Harmony into buying the Blacksmithing patterns for the ilvl 450 gear, and to thank the kind Monk Healer who was so patient and willing to stick with the group through five wipes.

Thank you, Taifu of whatever realm you came from.



1. Stormy - October 15, 2012

Part of me wants to gear Tori as disc at 90–I enjoy playing Disc and see no reason to have two shadow priests, and the MoP heroics aren’t as punishing as the Cata heroics. Part of me reads stuff like this and is perfectly happy DOTTING ALL THE THINGS.

Ben - October 15, 2012

I promise that I’ll be better geared by that time. And I’ll try not to commit Grave Tank Errors #1 & #2

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