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Things October 17, 2012

Posted by Stormy in Uncategorized.

Many random, discursive thoughts! Handle it!

I finished the available content in Cataclysm months ago, as soon as I had finished the three new Hour of Twilight randoms and Dragon Soul LFR. There just wasn’t any more content to see. I spent the next few months in Outland and Northrend, getting Loremaster, grinding rep with the Oracles, Sha’tari Skyguard, Cenarion Expedition, etc. I was done with the current expansion’s content, so I went back and did content from the previous two expansions. I expected my playtime to significantly increase with the release of MoP, and I was beyond excited to have new quests to do, new rep to grind, new dungeons…a whole new universe to explore. My playtime in MoP has actually been about half what it was in Cataclysm. I had today off, and I had the best of intentions to spend most of the day online getting my Horde main to 90, and yet I’ve logged in just long enough to turn over my crops and pick up some auction proceeds. The things I want to do are locked behind such an insurmountable wall of things I *have* to do that WoW is really starting to feel like homework. Instead of sitting here writing this post I *should* be online getting a few more heroic gear drops for my Alliance raiding main. I *should* be online getting my Horde main to 90 so I can engage in dungeon/scenario shenanigans with Ben and Suz. I *should* be doing Golden Lotus and Klaxxi dailies. I’ve actually resorted to blogposts as a way of procrastinating.

Kun-Lai Summit is the most depressing place on Azeroth. I hate everything about it, save the Yak Wash. Townlong Steppes isn’t much better, and the Vale of Eternal Blossoms isn’t either. You’re introduced to Pandaria in the Jade Forest, a verdant, lush landscape full of life, where you meet peaceful, jovial Pandaren who love a good beer and a good story. Then for the rest of your Pandaria experience you’re thrust into a landscape more boring than pre-Cataclysm Aszhara, where it’s cold, rocky, snowy, and…brown. Just…brown.

I’m not going to waste a lot of pixel ink bitching about dailies. It’s been said before, by people smarter than me. Most of the problem with dailies comes from a disconnect between the way Blizzard intended the dailies to be run, and the unbreakable mentality among the raiding set that all the faction reps and all the raids MUST BE DONE RIGHT NAO NAO NAO. It’s a year’s worth of content, and yet there’s a mentality that you’re some kind of subhuman slacker if you’re not exalted with the Golden Lotus, Klaxxi, Order of the Cloud Serpent and the Anglers right now, three weeks in. The one point I *haven’t* seen anyone make is that for most of the other rep grinds in the game, completing a daily gives 250, 350 or 550 faction rep. Golden Lotus dailies–with the guild perk–give 110. What. the. ever-living. fuck?

Yesterday, Apple Cider Mage posted an insightful post about sexism and rape culture in Mists. Really, this surprises you at this point? Blizzard has been coddling rape culture from day one, and they’re not about to stop now. I cringed and nearly lost my lunch the day the female Pandaren model was released–she’s a submissive, giggly geisha with vacant eyes and human breasts. She’s a celebration of a culture that objectifies and subjugates women. This isn’t some subtle nod to a tiny subset of the playerbase. It’s an extension of a culture that Blizzard has created and nurtured all along. If you can get through a random battleground pug without hearing the word “rape” at least five times, I’ll give you $100. Posters on the WoW subreddit are celebrated for having PvP “rape” macros. It’s not new, it’s not a secret, it’s not a small subset of the playerbase, and it’s not going away.

And so I sit on my quiet little farm in the Valley and reminisce about the good old days with my friend Farmer Yoon. I hope he gets the votes he needs to be a Tiller. Occasionally I’ll go take a whack at Darkmaster Gandling (I *love love love* the remodel of Scholomance and Scarlet Monastery) for loots. Until I can summon the energy to get my Horde main to 90, everything else is just homework.



1. matticus - October 18, 2012

My guess with the Golden Lotus issue? Ultimately, you’ll end up with 3 mini-quest hubs at Revered. That’s around 15ish quests total that provide 100 – 200 rep each. So each day, you can top out with around 1500 rep which is comparable to the other factions reputation gains and their scaling.

Becca - October 18, 2012

“If you can get through a random battleground pug without hearing the word “rape” at least five times, I’ll give you $100.”

I do believe you owe me $100

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