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Quick Pic Post: Why is this here? October 31, 2012

Posted by Ben in Uncategorized.

This room underneath Kor’Vess in the Dread Wastes baffles me. There’s all of one quest, discovering the fate of a Stormstout, and involves navigating around these rather pointless beams of yellow stuff. They cause heavy damage and a significant knockback. The room is also a bit packed with stationary and patrolling NPCs that are more than a little sensitive to your presence. All to rescue a damned panda who’s already dead.

This room is the WoW equivalent of those strange underbelly of the ship passageways in sci-fi movies. Tons of hazards that seem to serve no practical purpose.

Why, Blizz? Why?




1. aygaren - October 31, 2012

LOL! It took me a try or two to figure out you had to kill the baddie in each of those rooms to shut down the beams! And the Panda is dead anyway!? Sheeze! Should have just left him there.

Ben - October 31, 2012

You don’t even have to shut off the beams, if you go a little under halfway down the ramp, you can sneak under it.

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