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Daily Quests: The Good and The PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME! December 7, 2012

Posted by Ben in General Whinging, Pandaria.

The WoW Blogosphere has been endlessly debating the idea of daily quests since we landed on the shores of Pandaria. Whether they’re required, how many are required, blah blah blah. But I think the biggest problem, is that not all of the daily quests provided to us are “good” daily quests. Or put another way, they aren’t quests that are enjoyable.

But what makes an enjoyable daily quest? Ignoring the people who don’t like questing at all (sorry guys and gals, but you’re already a lost cause) what works and what doesn’t?

For me, a daily quest loses its fun-ness when:

  • NPCs are stacked so closely together that I’m forced to either always fight multiples or respawn so quickly that you always fight a long chain.
  • NPCs needed for the quest are sparse
  • Drop rate of quest item is low
  • Quest mechanic is difficult in a way that skill doesn’t help with

Examples of these quests are:

  • Unleashed Spirits in Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Has anyone ever killed only 12?
  • The Spirit Trap in Krasarang Wilds. If there are more than three other players in this cave, good luck.
  • Specimen Request in The Dread Wastes. And I already mentioned Fatty Goatsteak.
  • Stunning Display in Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Objective is right at the water line, and has a limited time before it swims away, some dev was feeling spiteful.

I’ve thought a fair bit about this since 5.1 dropped and introduced four new sets of dailies with the arrival of the Horde/Alliance on the shores of Pandaria, because I think this might overall be the most successful reputation grind they’ve ever put together. But of the clusters, only two of them are truly successful in my mind. From the Horde perspective, the clusters that takes place directly around Domination Point and Lion’s Landing are well-crafted. They strongly highlight the war aspect of the story without forcing any actual PvP on players. The NPCs to be killed are plentiful but loosely spaced, and the quest objectives/mechanics are interesting but not overly difficult. The cluster centered around the Goblin oil drilling/deforestation is a mixed bag. The story of the patch is lost in collecting crab meat for a goblin princess we’ve never seen before. The questing area is too loosely packed and some of the quest objectives are too sparse, but it’s not a bad overall experience.

And then The Ruins of Ogudei is just a mess. I’m a huge fan of questing in caves in WoW. Part of it goes back to when I played on a lesser computer and caves were less taxing on the system, allowing me to play more easily, but this cluster of dailies almost ruins all the goodwill towards caves I’d built up. I already mentioned the Spirit Trap quest, but this cluster also includes clusters of mobs that are tightly packed together, resulting in larger than intended pulls. A pool of water in one cavern that seems to serve no purpose other than to cause grief. And except for killing 12 Alliance soldiers, there is little connection to the greater story of the patch.

So what makes daily quests work for you? What makes you turn away?



1. roneebean - December 8, 2012

Recently i have developed a dislike of killing innocent animals i dont do those anymore. Also the klaaxi can collect their own ambers. i like the capital city fishing and cooking quests and do those quite happily. The exeception is the Horde crawfish quest grubbing in the mud for crustaceans? i downed Deathwing! grrrttr

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