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No. January 16, 2013

Posted by Stormy in Uncategorized.

I’m just warning you: in this post I am going to commit pretty much every blogging sin I can possibly think of. I’m angry to the point of wanting to cancel my subscription, and I should never blog when I’m angry. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t like writing ranty posts. I don’t like sitting in front of the computer when I’m angry and spouting off a bunch of unhinged screeching, and I don’t like being labeled as That Guy Who Hates Everything and Complains About Everything.

…but sometimes a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do.

For the first few months of Mists, the word on everyone’s lips (to the point where it’s largely become a dirty word) was “dailies.” Mists of Pandaria contains no less than six mandatory* faction grinds, the bulk of which must be ground out by doing multiple daily quests each day. Somewhere, someone at Blizzard got it into their head that preparing for raiding should be a long, arduous slog and gave us faction dailies gated behind other faction dailies, then decided to only give us 165 rep per quest. But enough about this. It’s painful. You know it, I know it, and I really thought there was no point in spilling more ink over their awful design decisions.

(*Yes, they’re mandatory if you want to be even remotely prepared for raiding. There is no argument here. If you’re in a raiding guild and you’re not doing the most you can to maximize your gear, enchants, valor points, etc., you are not pulling your weight. You can call them “optional” all you want, but if you’re a raider and you’re not doing them, you’re bad and you should feel bad.)

Then the Dominance Offensive/Operation: Shieldwall patch hit, and Blizzard once again proved that it had learned nothing from IQD, the Tourney, and the Molten Front. Well, they claim they did. They claim that people are doing the dailies (and they are–I can see that as I do them myself). But what their research doesn’t show is that people are doing these dailies because they *have* to to stay competitive, not because they’re fun and enjoyable. (I will admit that I enjoyed the Cloud Serpent grind…the first time. The prospect of doing it on at least three more Horde toons and one more Alliance toon makes me want to vomit.)

I resisted Shieldwall as long as I could, then the sadness of my current trinkets forced me to suck it up and start them. They are, without a doubt, the most awful dailies I’ve ever done. They’re repetitive and painfully over-tuned, even in raiding gear (I did them once on my not-at-all-geared Horde priest and threw up my hands). But most of all, they’ve turned the focus of World of Warcraft completely back to player-versus-player.

I don’t PvP. At all. I hate it. I hate it with every fiber of my being. I’m horrendously bad at it, and I absolutely hate the community that’s sprung up around PvP. Spending my non-working hours surrounded by 12-year-olds and people who act like 12-year-olds screaming and swearing and insulting each other is pretty much the worst way I can think of to spend an evening. Battlegrounds are a cesspool of humanity, and Blizzard Entertainment should be downright ashamed that they let that kind of behavior happen on their servers. I begrudgingly did School of Hard Knocks because I had help, and I did the 50 HK’s achievement for Winter Veil because hey, 50 HKs isn’t bad, but every time I leave a BG I feel like I need a shower. Until recently this behavior been confined to BGs and arenas, areas I can avoid, and I’ve been content with it.

Not so with Mists of Pandaria.

First of all, we’re saddled with this cross-realm zone nonsense, which carries a litany of negative effects (increased competition for resources, a slower questing experience, and increased opportunity for griefing, mainly). CRZ, as it’s been dubbed by the community, carries all of the negatives of being on a crowded, high-population server, and none of the benefits. For the most part you cannot talk to the people around you from other servers, and when you leave the cross-realm zone you’re back in Orgrimmar on your deserted server, where there are tumbleweeds growing in the auction houses and recruiting for a raiding or RBG group is futile. The only “silver lining” in the CRZ debacle is that it provides greater opportunities for so-called world PvP. You call it world PvP, I call it griefing*. Tomato, tomahto. It’s as if Blizzard is screaming “You will PvP AND YOU WILL LIKE IT.”

(*If you are level 90 and you are in a low-level zone getting your rocks off by one-shotting lowbies, you are not some noble hero of the Horde/Alliance “playing the game as it was intended” and “glorifying the Horde/Alliance.” You are an *asshole*. You are not engaging in “world PvP,” you are *griefing people*. You should not be lauded for your efforts to aid your faction, you should be *permanently banned from the game for being a dick*.)

When this fracas first started, the chorus of twits defending the “world PvP” compared notes and came up with one solution, which they now parrot like politicians at a press conference: “don’t play on a PvP server!” I don’t. My Horde toons are on Garrosh and my Alliance toons are on Azuremyst, both PvE servers. And yet, four times while completing Shieldwall dailies I’ve had dipshits literally go out and sit on top of the mobs I’m trying to kill, in the hopes that I’ll be stupid enough to cast an AoE spell and accidentally hit them, thus flagging myself and subjecting myself to “world PvP.” To them I say, a) I don’t think it’s physically possible to do what you’re trying to get me to do, and b) if you want to “world PvP,” go to a PvP server.

Then the legendary quest line came out. I’ve never had a legendary before, and I think they’re cool, and I think Wrathion is an interesting character, so I jumped into it with both feet. Then it was announced that in order to complete the legendary quest line you must win each of the new MoP battlegrounds. The chorus of “YOU WILL PvP AND YOU WILL LIKE IT.” grows ever louder.

But…trinkets! Pretty trinkets! K-kaw! k-kaw! I want my pretty trinkets, so I suffer through a half hour or so of Shieldwall dailies every day. Again, I do these things because as a raider I *have* to do them, not because I want to. I had made peace with it because the reward at the end is something I need. And then today it was announced that the new IQD/Tourney/MF analog in 5.2 will be a no-fly zone specifically for the purpose of encouraging “world PvP”.  YOU WILL PvP AND YOU WILL LIKE IT.

No. I won’t. I will not PvP and you absolutely cannot, will not make me.

World of Warcraft should be a game, not a homework assignment.





1. aygaren - January 17, 2013

First, your perspectives over the daily grinds and pvp are an interesting read.

“I’m just warning you: in this post I am going to commit pretty much every blogging sin I can possibly think of.”

Really? Is there some sort of “bloggers do/don’t list” I’m not aware of?
The simple concept is: “Your blog, do as you wish.” I’ve certainly read many, well known bloggers who’ve had the ‘occassional rant day’. Everyone is certainly entitled to one.

Although I’m on a PvE server now, I started out on a heavier PvP server, so world pvp does’nt really bother me. Avoiding it on a pve server can be a headache now and then when you’re trying to focus on a new pve career, understandably. Perhaps, try taking some guildies or friends with you on those dailys. Should make things a bit more tolerable, if not more fun. “May your feet find good paths.”

Stormy - January 17, 2013

There may not be an official list of “Things you should be derided for blogging about,” but I definitely think there are some things that are generally inappropriate–writing a lengthy screed with little in the way of positivity would be first on the list. I’m also surprised no one’s taken me to task for painting the PvP community as a bunch of underage nitwits. Speaking in generalities about an entire community is also generally frowned upon.

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3. Oestrus - January 17, 2013

Hello Stormy,

I was sent to your post from Jasyla’s blog and I initially related to a lot of what you were talking about. I completely understand the frustration, with regards to the near mandatory requirements for raiders and with the way that Blizzard has continued to make it so that this path towards being prepared and better geared is also a must.

Where you lose me, Stormy, is with the fact that you feel forced to do this. Nobody is making you do this but you. I’m not yelling at you. I’m not mad at you and I’m not trying to be condescending here. Your post does come across as having a tone like you absolutely have no choice or like it has been taken away from you. It hasn’t. You have chosen to give up the freedom that comes with saying “I’m not doing this and you can’t make me.”

I believe that you’re angry enough and I believe that you’re fed up, but it does feel almost masochistic. When you feel this passionately about something, and especially in such a negative way, you can’t turn around and say that it’s all worth it or that at the end of the day you really love it. That line of thinking works sometimes, but not in situations such as yours. There is way too much feeling and emotion here (largely negative and rightfully so) to wrap it all up in a happy ending.

I think you are definitely someone who could use a break, if not altogether stepping down from raiding. You don’t love it. You’re not happy. That’s painfully obviously.

Reclaim your choice and find your happiness.

Please take care.

– O.

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