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A moment, please? January 25, 2013

Posted by Ben in Uncategorized.

I’ve noticed a disturbing new trend in dungeons while leveling over the past two weeks.

Attempting to take the entire dungeon as one continuous pull.

The other day I was in the Nexus, and there was an approximately lvl 74 tank/heals/dps guild triad that just started running down the hallway without communication. The other dps and I could hardly keep up, because we had stopped at the first big dragon and were fighting it for a few seconds before we realized the rest of the group had run off. When we caught up, he’d already pulled the entirety of the Horde forces and was working his way up the ramp towards the first boss. There were still a half-dozen alive when we engaged the boss, and I’m pretty sure most of the trash never got looted. She wasn’t quite dead before the tank was heading down the next hallway again. The next boss was at 30% health when the tank started moving on, and we had almost a dozen trash mobs around us as we engaged the third boss. At one point, I asked in the otherwise silent party channel “Are you late for something?” and got a snarky comment back from the dps. When Keristrasza died, the tank only said “too slow” before abruptly leaving the party with his cohorts. I think the entire experience took just over fifteen minutes.

I’m used to chain-pulling. I’ve done it myself when tanking. But it’s almost always included a brief pause to loot before running off to the next group or two. No one died, or even came close to it. No one played poorly (although I’m sure those three, would disagree). But I put the dps and tank on my ignore list, because if you’re going to attempt to “challenge mode” a dungeon, at least have the decency to inform the other members of the group so they’re aware of what’s about to happen.



1. Navimie - February 14, 2013

You’re right, I hear a lot of people are doing it these days that way. It makes me wonder whether there should be an option to tick to say whether they are willing to be patient, as doing it that way ruins it and scares, the more casual player. I thought LFD was made for the casual player but with more people running dungeons like this, soon they will be scared away from it as well.

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