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What’s the Haps? May 22, 2013

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(SUBTITLE: Wherein I drop lots of names to make myself sound cool and like I have lots of friends.)


Our intrepid hero is walking down a dusty road, backpack slung over his shoulder. He nearly trips as his feet come upon the corner of a white stone tablet sticking out of the ground.

“What’s this?” he mutters to no one in particular. He peruses the tablet for a moment, then realizes the cryptic glyphs aren’t cryptic at all. He immediately recognizes it.

It’s a WoW blog.

“Hmm…wonder if it still works?”

So what’s the haps, peeps?

Well…since you asked…

I can honestly say I’ve played more WoW in the past month than I have in the past six months combined…which is weird, given the circumstances.


Yes…well…about that. Y’see, in the past six months both of my guilds have kind of…fallen apart. On the Horde side, my co-blogger and co-conspirator Ben went and got himself a swanky new job. and Ben’s partner is up to his neck in book-learnin’, so their accounts are inactive at the moment. We have a few other casual guildies, but I haven’t seen them in months. On the Alliance side, Eff the Ineffable has been crit repeatedly by the Attendance Boss. A few weeks ago those of us who are still actively playing pulled up stakes and moved our mains into Band of Misfits of Azuremyst to try our luck there, and well…that’s all I’ll say about that subject.

As for me, I think the 5.2 patch is actually the best thing that’s happened to me so far in Mists. In the wake of Ben and Suz cancelling their accounts I actually briefly cancelled mine, too, thinking it might be good to take a bit of a break. I lasted about a week, until Rezznul and DiscoPriest were looking for help in Dragon Soul one Saturday night. Before I knew it, my debit card was in my hand and the authenticator app just magically popped up on my phone, and I was back in Azeroth.

The T14 raids are now available cross-realm, and since I have reasonably-geared 90s on both side of the fence I’ve been able to eke out a little bit of a career as a freelance raider/pugger*. Mishaweha has been leading a semi-regular Thursday night thing for some of her guildies, and filling up empty slots via OpenRaid and BattleTags, with much success. I’ve also run with Jed and Avengers of Azeroth enough times that I’m pretty sure his heart sinks when he puts out the call for pugs via Twitter and I pipe up with “I’ll go!” (Still, the last time I raided with Jed I also got to raid with my friend/idol Jasyla. I forgot to ask her for her autograph, though. Dammit.)  I also tagged along on a ToES run with Vidyala and the Cool Kids of Business Time, which was super-fun but so far out of my league it’s not even funny.

Meanwhile, I’ve fallen (back) in love with a dazzlingly gorgeous raven-haired siren named Tori, my Horde priest and official main. Jed likes to talk a lot about Nerd Points, aka Achievement Points, and I realized that a) I actually care about achievements/achievement points, and b) I was missing a lot of really obvious achievements on my main. I look at other people who have 14,000, 17,000 and even 20,000 achievement points and I feel a little…inadequate. So that’s what I’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks over in Horde-land. I’m pretty sure my therapist would find some underlying neurosis there…if I had a therapist.

In any event, it’s 2:00AM on a Patch Day and I’m here writing a blogpost about what I’ve been doing…and not doing…in Azeroth. That’s totally what you do on Patch Day, right?

*Fo srs if you’re doing T11-14, or frankly, pugging anything and you need a warm body, hit me up. I have well-geared shadow priests on both sides of the aisle and I’m lonely.



1. P. Mattson - June 12, 2013

Good to see you are still around and about and playing! I wander between Horde and Ally. Summer seems to be the time I play more on Ally side. Not sure why.

I wonder each time I sign in if my toons will be out on the street. 😀

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